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i have to reinstall my i-mac, snow leopard OS. the problem i have is that the mac dont takes the install cd, no matter what i try. the only thing what happens is that i can see the apple and i can hear that its working, but the cd becomes throw out after some seconds. im not able to start it at all, no matter what i do. after i let run the hardware-test i get the message that nothing is wrong, but still i can not install or start the mac. i have no idea what i should do or how i should do it. it was now 2 times in a service, the only thing i was told that everything is ok and i only have to reinstall it....i try my best, but it still will not do anything!! also the company info-care norge which has the mac-service tells me only to install all new and that it has nothing to do with my guaranty.

Mac os x, Mac OS X (10.6.4), Hardware test say nothing is wrong
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    Report the company to AppleCare directly:


    Obviously they don't know some basic troubleshooting steps and need to either lose their service provider agreement or get better training.

    Some of those basic steps are to:

    1. Determine if your machine is too new to use the 10.6.3 retail, and then determine if you were using the prebundled disc that came with your Mac. Look at your Mac's serial number. The 5 alphanumeric characters that start it tell you how new it is.

    xx013 or greater to xx111 can't use anything other than the prebundled discs.
    xx935 to xx952 and xx001 to xx012 can use the 10.6.3 retail and prebundled discs that came with the Mac.
    xx602 to xx934 can use any Snow Leopard retail and the prebundled discs, as long as 1 GB of RAM or more is installed.
    xx601 and less can't use Snow Leopard at all.
    Retail discs must look like * and not say Upgrade Dropin, or OEM.

    x can be any letter or number.

    2. Make sure the Mac is less than 4 years old. If it is more than 4 years old, to check if the PRAM battery is aging.

    3. Determine if any of their discs that meet qualifications of #1 work. If they do, then ask Apple ship you replacement discs. If they don't, they should test an external optical bootable DVD drive to see if that works. And if that doesn't work to determine if the machine is stuck in a firmware upgrade loop, or firmware password reset loop, or if the hard drive is dying, or if one of your connected peripherals might not be compatible with the installer.

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