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  • OstiazZ Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Changren Yong,

    I have to confess that I was skeptic that your method could solve the codec problem too, but it worked!

    On BH-905i, if I connect using your method, then I can use the bass boost and stereo widening effects, which require SBC to work.

    I think the reason could be that, if the iPhone starts the connection, it kinda "imposes" his codec, while if the headset starts it then it imposes its one.

    This is so good news. You made my day!






  • Changren Yong Level 1 (100 points)

    I am glad it did the trick for you and we all have to thank applefan32 for his discovery:



    I merely elaborated his method a little.


    When i first wrote about it, i mentioned if the headset initiates the connection, then we would not have this problem. I was only half right. If i leave the BlueTooth enabled on my iPhone, and then i turn on the headset (assuming iPhone was the last device connected by the headset), the headset is the one making the connection. It appears the connection made by the headset automatically and the connection made when one manually presses the Play button on the headset, is different. If you are right, somehow, pressing the Play button on the headset to initiate this connection uses a different codec than the one made automatically by the headset when it's turned on.

  • Noah Abrahamson Level 1 (65 points)

    The iPhone understands the Nokia BH-905i as both a headset or headphones. The headset service uses a lower fidelity, battery-conserving codec to compress/decompress audio—it's like those Bluetooth headsets one attaches to one's ear. The headphones service is used for music speakers and uses a different technology to preserve audio fidelity, with less regard for things like power consumption.


    What appears to be happening is that the iPhone is discovering the BH-905i and defaulting to the headset service. That's why you can't use the forward/back buttons (because they're irrelevant when you're taking a telephone call). When the relationship is established by the BH-905i, initiated by clicking the play button on your headphones) the headphones link is used.


    This is observable if you have a Mac. In System Preferences, in the Sound preference pane, you might see two or three entries for your Nokia BH-905i —one for Bluetooth Headset and at least one for Bluetooth Headphones.


    Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 1.37.01 PM.png

  • borgqueenx Level 1 (0 points)

    well Changren Yong i want to thank you.

    It helped me indeed, to use bass booster and stereo widening. Not that i hear any difference in the music though...

    But this ***** to have the iphone and ipad connect this way.


    I hope apple will fix this soon, because this is simply stopid.

  • Changren Yong Level 1 (100 points)

    I am glad i was able to help.


    This issue still exists in iOS 5 beta 1.

  • Valofel Level 1 (0 points)

    ****! I was hoping that the issue will be fixed in iOS 5. I guess apple won't change its bluetooth profile anymore. We're scr***** !

    Anyway 1000thks to changren for its tweak.

  • MacMeSupport Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Noah,

    This discussion covers quite well the headphone with iPhone combination, but says little about headphone with Mac combination. Considering it seems you do own a Mac, would you be so kind to confirm me if the headphone or better to say headset, works fine with Mac (I run Lion). I'm interested in both the Bluetooth compatibility as well as the cable connection compatibility. I have a MacBook Pro which has separate line/mic in headphones out jacks, it is not as some newer Macs which combine the two ports together which is (I guess) the same jack like on the iPhone.

    I'm not sure if the VoIP adapter as they call it would work with my MacBook Pro, I know that the microphone requirement on Macs was always kind of special.


    My primary focus is VoIP i.e. use them with SIP softphones, but if music listening would work too, would be even better.


    Any information on this would be very welcome.


    Thanks and rgds

    Zsolt Magyar

  • Changren Yong Level 1 (100 points)

    Bluetooth connectivity to my MacBook Air, on both Snow Leopard and Lion, has never been a problem. That said, in Snow Leopard on my MacBook Air, whenever i established Bluetooth connectivity with any Bluetooth headsets, it would affect the Wi-Fi connectivity every so often. This issue appeared to have been resolved in Lion.

  • MacMeSupport Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear Changren Yong,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I'm however a bit worried by bluetooth reliability, it might be unjustified, but I use the headset for professional support and and any delay or dropout is a bad thing. I also connect both (Apple) keyboard and Magic Mouse all the time, so I wander if this would affect the bluetooth connection of the headset?


    On the other hand, wires are no problem to me, because most of the time I will be using this in the office, so what about the wired setup? AFAIK, Air has the iPhone type combined headphone/linein jack, so I guess you will be using the iPhone cable adapter from Nokia, not the VoIP as they call it. Any experience with wires?


    And one more thing, during the phone conversation, does the voice come from both headphones (I know it is mono, but does it come to both ears), or from one only?


    Thanks a lot.


  • Changren Yong Level 1 (100 points)

    I have not used the Nokia headsets for VOIP on my MacBook Air yet. The headphone jack works just fine.  When using the headset for voice call (instead of music) on my iPhone, the voice come from both headphones.

  • MacMeSupport Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, so considering there are several combinations, let me just summarize quickly:



    - you used the headset with your iPhone for both phone calls and music, and this works fine (with some quirks and workarounds which are mentioned in this post, but once all applied, it works fine)

    - you did not use the headset with your Air yet.



    - you used the headset with the iPhone for both music and calls, using the iPhone cable adapter, and it works fine, no problems or limitations whatsoever.

    - you did not use the headset with your Air yet.


    Please confirm that I'm correct in my summary.

    Is there any chance that you try out the headset with your Air, sometimes soon? As explained in my first post, this is what I'm primarily interested in.




  • Changren Yong Level 1 (100 points)


    - Music works fine on Snow Leopard (affects Wi-Fi connectivity) and Lion

    - Music works fine on iPhone with work-around

    - Voice call works fine on iPhone. Did not test VOIP on Mac.



    - Music works fine on both iPhone and Mac

    - Did not test making VOIP calls on Mac.

  • MacMeSupport Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, we are getting closer :-)


    So you did not test VoIP on Mac, neither with Bluetooth, nor with wires. And this is exactly what I would like to find out more about.


    Would you be so kind to test is for me, you can use Skype for that matter, I guess it is the same as using a SIP softphone. I'm using EyeBeam from Counterpath (which is BTW unsupported on Lion, but works fine, I think it is just a sales trick), or iSoftPhone from works equaly well, and is supported. But if you do not have a SIP provider account then it would be a hassle to test it. Skype will be just fine, I guess.


    Thanks a lot in advance,


  • AppleSmitty Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow - this seems to have worked on first inspection (although there did seem to be some random stopping of music rather than Bluetooth disconnection).  I will use this and hope in the meantime that apple get on top of this (although the sense seems to be from the reps that nothing will be done)...

  • Vinmar Level 1 (85 points)

    Thank you Changren!  I just got an iPhone (coming from a Nokia N9) and the disconnecting BH-905i was frustrating to say the least.  So far, so good using your method. 

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