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hi , i am using iphone 4 with Vodafone Turkey Cell. yesterday i ve upgraded ios to 4.3 version. and i wanted to test how the personal hotspot working. but when i just tap on Personal Hotspot title there was no go back to main manu of settings like other menus, after that i had to click on home button then Personal Hotspot option was disappeared. i didnt event turn on it. just there is no " back " button on the Hotspot area.

when i reset network settings i get back it but then same happens when i tap on it.

why is this happening ? before with internet tethering i was having same kind of problem but i was hoping it works fine with ios 4.3

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    Welcome to the discussions,
    some providers don't offer Tethering unless it is included in your contract options. Does your provider offer tethering without extra payment or registration?
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    I downloaded the 4.3 update a few weeks ago. I use personal hotspot on a daily basis with my macbook pro. So my carrier completely supports this feature. I tried to connect personal hotspot to a PC with my girlfriends Windows 7 and it wouldn't work, so i rebooted the computer and the iPhone. When I went back to the settings to turn on the personal hotspot, it wasn't there! I reset the network settings and did a full factory reset and it is still not there! So can anyone maybe shed some light for me? Thanks people!

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    A friend of mine had an identical problem. You have to do a COMPLETE software reload. I don't know what causes it, but to fix it, restore to factory settings and reload the software again.

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    I managed to fix it by restoring my iPhone to a backup that was before the problem, but it was about 1.5 months since i backed it up last and i lost all the data that was put on there after the backup like contacts and apps. But hotspot is there now. Very, very strange. Apple are a great company and offer the best technology available to the market, but they cannot be perfect.

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    Ciao, ho aggiornato il mio iphone 4 alla versione ios 4.3.1 tutto e andato a buon fine ma quando sono andato nelle impostazioni non ho trovato la voce Hotspot ho provato a reinstallare il programma ma senza risultato.
    Per favore mi dite cosa devo fare.

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