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  • AtulS Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Michael,


    In desperate need of your solution, but cannot access your document (I do not have Pages). Can you copy paste here. Thanks in advance!



  • stayingaliveuk Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello I have created a short video, which you can watch here.



    Good Luck



  • stayingaliveuk Level 1 (0 points)

    Short video to illustrate process


  • rkostewa Level 1 (0 points)

    were you able to move your outlook calendar to mac calendar?  the mail deal is awesome, but what about calendar and contacts

    i moved my pc outlook to mac outlook and its been a disaster: missed 900 contacts, calendar duplicated events, so now i have 2 issues - syncing w/blackberry (but ordered iphone 4s) and trying to figure out how to bring the 900 missing contacts on my blackberry into outlook

  • blanchardjb Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Michael, your systems worked on a friends computer, but it does not work on mine. I have all my folders in my outlook 2011, but when I go to drop them on the new desktop folder in does not work and goes back to outlook.

  • sor67 Level 1 (0 points)


    Excellent link and video - thanks for that!  That seems quite do-able for my email - but, like rkostewa, interested to know if the same can be done for Outlook Contacts.   Or is there a separate export of Contacts that needs to be done.  Cheers

  • Betalife Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you Michael that worked very well.


    One downside i have found though is that you lose visibility of the attachments.


    When you transfer emails to  Mail the attachment ends up embedded in the email (usually down at the bottom) and there is no indication in the attachment column that it exists.


    Does anyone have a solution to this?

  • accuram Level 1 (0 points)

    A rather simple but slow method is to use your exchange server or imap server if it exist.

    Copy or move your email in one client software to exchange server area, and re sync or download from another client software. It works among Outlook, Outlook for mac, and Mac Mail.

    while doing it, just make sure that only 1 mail client is online.

    My case is that if both client is online, every mail is duplicated. (from Mac Mail to Outlook for Windows)



    • intuitive process.
    • simple to understand


    • can be slow by network speed. (it took around 3 hours for 6 months email. Around 1.5~2GB using company exchange server.)
    • may require interation if server capacity is small.
    • 'received date' will be the day. not actual received date. but you can know the sent data anyway.
  • jwlfe Level 1 (0 points)

    I read your process and tried it. Mostly successful. One problem though. Some of the mail in each folder did not move from OL for mac to the mac mail. I tried to figure out what was the commonality of the non-moving e-mails and they all seem to be e-mails which I have sent to someone else. It is odd because in the same folder there are plenty of e-mails that I sent that did make the shift. Any thoughts?

  • sor67 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem for me as with JWLFE (above) - everything appeared to work beautifully, but then I realise that certain emails did not copy - and even if I try and move those emails individually they will not go - so there is something peculiar to these particular emails that means they won't copy.   I've not been able to identify the "commonility" of these emails either - but the significant majority are "Sent Items" - only showing about 900 (7%) of my 13,500 odd sent items.   And about 13,500 (90%) of my 14,900 Inbox items.  

    I thought perhaps it might be Apple Mail linking my sent items with related Inbox responses - but no, these sent items don't seem to appear in the Inbox either. 

    JWFE - are your stats similar - are you saying it is primarily your Sent Items that didn't go?

  • jwlfe Level 1 (0 points)

    sor67..I could not have explained it better myself. Exactly the same problem. Most of the "lost" e-mails are sent. I also noticed that when checking my emails i the upper right hand corner there is often a "duplicate" message. Many times, this number was the number of "lost" e-mails in that folder. But, Like you said, it was not ALWAYS the case. Wish I could find an answer.

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    I have the same problem as jwlfe and sor67 with getting sent mail from Outlook to Mac Mail.  I'm trying to transfer over 6 years of sent mail (> 20,000 emails).  I first broke it into groups by year, and then groups by month.  In both situations, I'm seeing less than 25% of the sent mail making it over into Mac Mail.  I'm not sure whether the problem lies in Mac Mail's import of the Mbox files, or in Outlook's export of the Sent Mail folders.  I did not have problems transferring received mail, the problem only seems to be with Sent Mail.  Anyone have any success getting their sent mail over to Mac Mail?  Thanks!

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    Hi all


    Sorry that I haven't responded earlier, but for some reason I haven't been getting these comments until DekoKards post.


    I have not experienced the same issues that have been posted here and I hope you found a solution by now.  I have a few comments, which may be relevant.


    1. You must be on the latest version of Outlook for Mac.  I know that people have had issues transferring when they have been on an older version, so please check software update.
    2. Remember that Mac Mail behaves differently to Outlook.  With outlook you can see each individual email in your sent items.  Mac Mail will connect all sent correspondence for the same subject/person into one string and show you those as one entry in your sent items folder with a numercial indicator showing you how many emails are in that string.
    3. I have not transferred the kind of volume that you need to, so maybe there is a limitation, however I would do it in batches, as that should work.



    Hope that helps?






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    Hi Michael,


    Thank you so much for your guidance! I used your post to transfer my mail from outlook to Mail. However, I have trouble viewing any attachments in Mail which i have transferred from outlook.


    There's some gibberish on th etop of the mail about phishing and does not show any attachments at all..


    Do you have any fix for this? Will be very grateful!





  • stayingaliveuk Level 1 (0 points)

    @bhakti83, sorry I haven't come across this.  All I can suggest is to look at preferences in mail and check the settings in there.  I have had no issues with attachments, they work fine.  Hope you find a work around.


    Kind regards




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