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    Hi Michael, thank you for your instructions and video. Love them! I am having trouble converting emails that were originally created in Windows Outlook and moved across to Outlook for MAC 2011 when imported into Apple Mail. The emails in question are appearing however the content includes the following:


    htmail-Tracker: AAAAAA==


    on of the website at any time.<br />

                                            <br />

                                            Order Details:<br />

                                            <table id="grey_bdr" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="width: 50%">


    Just wondering if there is a work around for this? I am using MAC OS X 10.7.3, Outlook 14.2.1 and Mail 5.2.


    I tried the demo for Eaglefiler but there was no content at all.  I have also tried the demo for Emailchemy which seems to work but just wondering if there is a free option before purchasing.


    Emails since I've been using Outlook for MAC 2011 transfer across perfectly.




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    allaboutbjp wrote




    .  I have also tried the demo for Emailchemy which seems to work but just wondering if there is a free option before purchasing.




    There are free options, and then there are ones that work.


    Emailchemy is not free.

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    Hi Sarah


    Thanks for your message and comments.  The issue you describe has not happened to me.  One thing you may wish to check is that your Outlook for Mac 2011 is the latest version.  I know that others have had issues when they were not using the latest version.  So please check if there are any updates that you have not yet run.  If you are using the latest version, then I am sorry, I have no solution for that.


    Kind regards



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    Hi Michael and everyone

    I watched your video and also tried your steps. My problem is that I cannot drag my folders from Outlook for Mac into the desctop folder called Outlook Mail. I can drag individual emails but not the folders. How did you manage to drag the folders - is there a trick to it?

    Thanks for your help please !

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    One thing that you have to check is that you have the latest version of outlook. Other people had the same issue but after they did software update, it worked for them. Hope it works for you too. Success!




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    Hi Michael

    thank you

    I will let you know if it worked.



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    Just further to the issue of "sent" items not transferring using Michael's method as mentioned by jwlfe and DekoKards, just to confirm that this problem is happening to me despite fact I do have the latest version of Outlook for Mac.  Also, I have checked that the lost email are not part of the one string as Michael suggested could be the case.  I did try transferring these sent email individually and they would not go, so not sure what is peculiar about these various sent items that means they don't transfer. 

    Finally - my sincere apologies to jwlfe for highlighting jwlfe's use of the word "commonality" as if I was trying to correct his/her spelling to "commonility". In fact just a slip of the key on my part.  I was highlighting the word coz it was a good choice of word.   There you go!!

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    No sweat sor67. I did not even pick up on that. I would like to find a solution for the sent e-mail problem. I have contacted Apple and even visited with their stores to no avail. THat is the last item that keeps me from making the switch over to Mac mail. It will be a great day when someone smarter than me can post the solution!

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    Hi Michael,

    Could you please repost your iWorks document as it seems to have been moved/archived? Appreciate your effort!

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    Of course iworks has now finished. Best thing is to watch the video. I am away from my desk until 13th August and will not be able to make the doc available online until then.


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    Your method works very well to transfer but almost every message transferred has excess header info and in many cases has become pure gibberish. I am concerned this is a rich text, plain text, html issue. does anyone have a cure? I paste a section of an email below to demonstrate the problem:


    for lunch? If so, let us know what would be good for you. Please forward this

    to Owen and have him join the lunch as well.<BR>&gt; &gt; Thanks,<BR>&gt; &gt;

    Mark<BR>&gt; &gt; <BR>&gt; &gt; Sent from my


    <DIV> </DIV>

    <DIV> </DIV>

    <DIV> </DIV>

    <DIV> </DIV></FONT></BODY></HTML>bJoG3uS0EruzPcfRS6ZhvN1yUH0Mwx4fmx   `_3™¨Ï,–Content-type: multipart/alternative;


    This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand

    this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.



    Content-type: text/plain;


    Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit


    I see the MIME comment, but not sure how to deal with.

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    hi, just read this thread..


    currently i'm using a snow leopard with outlook 2011, i have tried to drag and drop the folder..but nothing happen. Could it because i'm not using lion? or i need to update my outlook?


    i'm a bit frustated over here



    thanks alot,



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    Hi Kenny


    When I did the move across to mail, I was using snow leopard, so it should work for you. Yes do check if there are any updates for office, as I know you do need to use the latest software. However, I did this some time ago and it may be possible that outlook may have changed their software by now to disallow the move? It wouldn't surprise me if they did something like this, so please take care.  Do a few trials instead of doing everything to make sure it works properly.





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    Thank you for your message.  I have been out of town, so sorry for the slow response.  I haven't had the problem you describe and it's beyond my technical knowledge.  Please make sure you have the latest outlook software and try again. It should work, but of course apple and ms are always updating their software and it's possible that things have moved on since I did the move.


    Hope you can get it to work.





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    currently i am using snow leopard too... i checked my office update, and it turns out that my ms office need to be updated. Hopefully all of this can work after finish update the office.


    thanks a lot for the reply