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    I posted the question here of how to get my mails back into mac mail from outlook for mac. Every technique I tried had an issue. Missing mail, excess header, no content, etc. Had given up and resigned myself to outlook. I downloaded the new mountain lion last week. Also stumbled across a download from the app store. OLM is a program that costs $38. Pricey it is. However, I ran the program (the way I thought it made sense) and it only migrated 1/3 of the mails. I contacted support by e-mail and got a response within 5 hours (on a saturday!!). Migrated 32,800 emails. Obviously i have not checked all of them one by one, however, the ones I have checked are perfect. Attachements and all! Highly recommend it. I don't normally post praise like this but I hae been working this problem for more than a year and am happy to have found a product that works and support that gets it.


    Here is the process as their support explained it to me:


    Export emails from Outlook. Simply follow procedure. File..Export..Make sure you mark to not delete e-mails from Outlook until you are sure the process worked. The e-mails will be stored in an .olm format. With the OLM converter, you will add olm files and then select "convert to" and "apple mail archive". Once this is done you go to mac mail and select file..import mail and then find your "apple mail archive". DONE!!


    Hope it works for you.

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    hi there,


    thanks alot for the tips and advice. it works well after i updated the office ...




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    Fantastic, I am glad it worked for you, some people still have problems and I can't always know why that is.





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    Hi jwlfe,


    i have just reached the same conclusion, in that i wish to use Mac Mail instead of MS Outlook 2011 for Mac. I have been reading through the various posts and came across yours.

    I am interested in finding (after importing into Apple Mail archive) if the emails were filed in the corresponding sub-folders or whether you had to re-arrange once import completed.

    I ask this because i have around 40,000 emails to Import and i am trying to find the best import solution.




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    Here is what I did. I followed the instructions I posted above. It is a bulk transfer and the folders will wind up like you had them in Outlook. They will fall into an import folder in Mac Mail. You will then need to move them into your hard drive on mac or to icloud. Doing this I found the following: Moving to your mac hard drive, no problem dragging the folder itself. Moving to Icloud, you need to make all new folders and then highlight the actual emails and move them to the new folder. This process took me a week. You will find that you need to move 10, 20 or 30 at a time. Some will get kicked back from Icloud (not sure why) but look at the ones that don't transfer and determine if they were really important to keep.  I would then back up every so often to an external hard drive. I did this because I wanted my hard drive space. I hope this helps, keep in mind that I am not a tech guy, so if I could make it work I am sure you will be able to. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    I have managed to Import into Apple mail, albeit there are a few glitches here and there with the way it's imported.


    Just running through all sub-folders and trying to arrange into some sort of sense.


    Final question, I assume that once these have been imported into Apple Mail program it is safe to delete .OLM Files exported to Desktop from Outlook....? plus also to delete old MS Outlook File..? (I'm no Tech Guy either i'm afraid)


    I reckon there must be around 30GB to delete.



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    I would back up the file that you converted. Better safe than sorry. I use a 2tb external.

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    Hi Michael,


    I have just been reading through these posts and have tried to click the link you posted but it no longer works. I would really appreciate you re posting your directions to migrate emails from OL 2011 mac to mac mail.





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    The best way is to look at my video:



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    Hi There,


    I just moved back to Mac Mail from Outlook 2011 by exporting to mbox and then importing into Mac Mail.  My question - is there a way to transfer/export/import the Notes from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail Notes?





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    Thank you. I never had a problem with this, because I used synch services in Outlook, so that my notes synched across to apple notes.


    1. Open Outlook
    2. Click on Outlook, top menu bar
    3. Select preferences
    4. Select Synch Services
    5. Make sure Notes is ticked
    6. And let the synch run
    7. Your notes should go across to apple notes.
    8. After completed, untick notes and prevent from further synching


    Hope that works for you.

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    That worked - thanks!

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    Michael, I realize that this is a long time ago, but any chance of reposting your instructions for migrating from Outlook to Mail?  It seems to have helped many but goes to a dead-end link now.  I'm recently suffering this dilemma, and couldn't access that link. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    I have uploaded the doc onto slideshare, here it is: mac-mail-v5


    And I've done a video on it as well.


    Moving Mail from Mac Outlook 2011 to M…