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  • stayingaliveuk Level 1 Level 1

    @MZ the file was replaced by a video:


    hope this helps

  • bigbill1 Level 1 Level 1


    That works real slick going from outlook 2011 for Mac to mail in Lion. I've come about this in a different direction and need some suggestions. I had Outlook running ok then I tried to use mail (lion) discarded it and went back to Outlook. I soon purchased iphone then Ipad. As I used them more syncing became a bear and real important. I started to look at the cloud (still using outlook and Lion). I started Icloud contacts first and began to like the Cloud. I next set up my 2 e mail accounts to foroward mail to my cloud addresses. It looked good so I went to bring my email cache over, ie import them. I found your info and the preceeding thread about to move Outlook emails to Apple mail. Now I have manually set up all my folders in the cloud and am trying to import my old emails from Outlook to Apple mail(ok) but from there to the cloud does not seem to be working. I looked for an added import folder (like in apple mail Lion) in the clouid with which I could drag the email's to but its not there (yet ?) If I could get them up there I can rearramge the folders to be where needed but what is the mechanism which can move them up there? I hope this doen't sound to dunb to you but until I gather enough $ to get a new Apple and ML my imac5 and Lion will have to limp along.


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    Hello everyone,


    Thats a long discussion going on so I thought to give my views about migtration from outlook 2011 to mac mail.


    A few months ago me too had this problem, hours of searching for the solution and trying many methods I used the tool suggested by clintonfrombirmingham.


    Its called Olm converter pro and I found it here:


    Later I found that apple store too supported this tool :


    This tool is very helpful in case of bulk migration.


    Just sharing my experience to help others who are not able to sort out their mail migration issues.

    I hopr this post helps others. Thank you



  • dinarene Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much, Michael! I just converted to Mavericks and Outlook doesn't really work well with it. Your video showed me how to move all my folders over to Mail. You saved my life! (or should I say you saved my emails)... Thanks! Dina

  • stayingaliveuk Level 1 Level 1

    @dinarene Wow I am surprised it still works OK. With so many OS X updates, I believed it would probably not work any longer and in fact some people reported that it hasn't worked. I am glad it is all perfect with you. Welcome to the new world of Apple Mail. Success!

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    @stayingaliveuk, do you have that document available somewhere else? The link above doesn't work anymore...



  • pabdex Level 1 Level 1

    Never mind, just saw the post with the youtube video....


    Doesn't work with Mavericks for me tho

  • boniegilbert23 Level 1 Level 1

    You can try once this OLM to MBOX converter tool which is ease to access and offers reliable conversion of your Mac Outlook mails into MBOX file format that is supportive on multiple email clients.


  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Outlook for Mac is junk, and it is junk with insufficient options for exporting mail.


    But now you have to get out of it so .....


    What type of email account is this, is it an iMap or Exchange account, or is it (shudder) a POP account?

  • mayralovato699 Level 1 Level 1


    You can drag your emails (single or folder) directly from Outlook 2011 and drop these dragged emails into anywhere on your local machine (desktop is the easier path for it). By dropping Mac Outlook emails, the .OLM files will be automatically saved into .MBOX format. Now you can easily import these MBOX files on your Mac Mail application. Try this manual method once, I am sure it will assist you.

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