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I just got a new 2011 Macbook pro and I booted up my windows 7 64 bit to play my steam games and Games like Black ops and Starcraft 2 are running REALLY slow, like 15 FPS on LOW settings. I have contacted AMD and used driver sweeper to reinstall the boot camp drivers and AMD catalyst center does nothing. I am pretty computer savvy and very baffled by this!! Are the drivers Apple has provided not up to snuff? Anyone else having these issues? Iv'e reinstalled everything twice now and I don't know what to do. Everything in device manager and computer settings check in perfectly!! Ready to give up!!1 GDDR5 should not have this poor of performance!! Yes my power settings are set to best performance and I have also defragmented my disk and steam numerous times. Thanks in advance!

2011 2.2 15" MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), AMD 6750M
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    I'm having a similar issue, bootcamped windows 7 x86 (32-bit because i have only 32 bit versions of some CAD software) onto a separate partition and the performance is ridiculously slow!

    My 4 year old dell with a core 2 duo is faster to boot and operate! Just even browsing the net in google chrome or playing a video through youtube in 720p is a no go..
    A fresh install of windows on a brand new quad core machine should not be this slow..

    Like you, I have tried reinstalling catalyst center and installing the separate driver for the 6750M but nothing has changed.. Cheers
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    I am having the same issues as well with the new macbook pro 15" and 1GB GDDR video card. Load times are ridiculous for Starcraft 2. Unfortunately this is also affecting my games in OSX, so both platforms are doing horrible. I'm right now highly disappointed with the performance of this macbook since I spent over $2000 on it...
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    I had a similar problem in Win7 64 Ultimate N with the supplied driver and the mobile driver downloaded direct from AMD couldn't find my card. I eventually found a working driver and all is well now... but I didn't save the link! Sorry.

    So... what's your windows experience index for your graphics? This should tell you straight away if your installed driver is working OK.
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    Just got i'm new MBP 2011, and the grafics are really problematics... When I change windows (some times when have many app running) at safari and other applications they make a crazy cascade of multiple color like a acid trip. Some times when logoff after few minutes when i wake up again all may video settings are low quality like 600x400....................... This new macbook pro is a CRAP, i used to have a 2008 MBP model that is way better than this one... not just the grafics but the processor as well... maybe this computer i got is broken.
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    Very curious to see if anyone here that has stated the problems with the macbook pro running bootcamp and windows os as l am thinking of buying an macbook pro 2011 model and l l dont want to have issues running windows inside a mac.Otherwise l am better off building a pc that a imac cant keep up with.I want a powerful laptop thats gunna handle atleast what my AMD 64 Quad is capible of.Can someone give me some feedback on what they think of the new macbook and if its worth spending the money on.I'm mainly getting it for final cut pro is the 2011 pro 15 inch i7 the best way for me to go.
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    I am running windows 7 in bootcamp.
    My windows boot up speed on this 3 week old quad core machine is slower than my mates 2008 unibody Macbook 13" with a Core2Duo. It also hangs and stalls regularly when in windows, but its weird.. Its not frozen and programs can still be clicked but nothing ever launches fully or it takes decades to anyway.

    Looking at the windows experience index, funnily enough the Memory is the slowest thing, mainly because for some reason it claims I only have 2.17 GB of RAM. Now I know 32-bit is limited to 4GB and some is taken up with graphics, but HALF!
    Have booked a genius session as I'm not exactly blown away by what is £1849's worth of mac.
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    I get 5.9 for my memory index which I was a little surprised by (7.5, 5.9, 6.9, 6.9, 7.3 IIRC) but I think your machine is reporting its memory fine.... 32bit limits use to 3Gb I think, then the discrepancy in your case is Intel HD graphics reserving the rest (900mb or so).

    Using the bootcamp drivers on the Snow Leopard install DVD that shipped with my machine I'm pretty happy with bootcamp performance.

    edit: OK I'm confused about the 32bit memory limit:

    Implies you need to set the IMAGEFILE_LARGE_ADDRESSAWARE switch in boot.ini to get 3Gb, but then the table under it says 4Gb is supported.
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    Are you running your boot camp on 64-bit then? would be interested to see how much memory the 64-bit version picks up or says is useable..
    My boot camp is almost unusable, so slow.. google chrome takes about 5 minutes to load up.
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    Yes, I'm using the 64bit version (Ultimate N as it's almost free as I work at a university).

    I upgraded to 8gb today and the 64bit version sees all of it, though I'm not sure a lack of memory is the cause of your slowness, Win7 should be pretty spritely with 2gb.

    Which bootcamp drivers did you install? I found the ones on the install disc to be better than those downloaded prior to install.

    Also following my upgrade I now get an EI of 7.6 for my memory... quite peculiar, I didn't expect increase the amount of RAM to change my score at all.
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    I just got myself one of the new MBP 15s with the Radeon 6750 and Thunderbolt. I have to use bootcamp and I use Windows 7 64 Enterprise edition. I am noticing though that the machine seems to lock up a frequently often at power down. Anyone else having this problem? I need to use bootcamp since part of my job is administering several VMware Host servers.
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    Same thing with my new Macbook Pro. First of all i supposed Windows is not familiar with the last Intel logic (mainboard, dram etc), so we can see such poor figures (5.9 for memory test). I've got exactly same issue with lock up on system restart or power down. Hope sincerely the issue to be in soft tuning, otherwise we spent 2k$ poorly.
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    I am not running windows on my new MBP but I have had it freeze up suddenly on wake-up with the screen turning all sorts of colors and the unit being unresponsive. I have had to shut it down entirely and restart to "fix" this. I have also had the same mess of colors come up when switching between the internal and an external display, closing and reopening the windows seems to "fix" this but it is odd that I had to do that at all.



    Additionally, I have been running Starcraft 2 with OSX on the unit with the settings at medium to get it to run decently, which is highly disappointing considering that it has the requisite 1g of Vram to run at ultra. I guess it gets me because on paper this new MBP is far more powerful than my gaming PC from 2 years ago and yet I can set SC2 to ultra on that rig and it will run like silk with just half the Vram power and only a core Duo.


    I hope updates to either the OS or the driver will help my MBP get the most of the hardware its got under the hood for that sort of thing.

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    Any luck finding a solution to this problem?  I just got a 15" with the upgraded graphics card and I'm really disappointed in the windows 7 (64 bit) performance.  The graphics are terrible!  I can't even drag some windows around without things getting choppy.  Overall the computer feels really slow in Windows too.  Every program is slow to start up, and things just feel sluggish.  This is a $2300 computer that's running about as well as a 5 year old Dell I have.  I was hoping to run Solidworks modeling software, which based on the computers specs, should not be a problem, but things aren't working out too well so far.  Don't even get my started on how hot the computer gets when running Windows and doing light web browsing (no flash either).


    Anyone have any luck?  I'm past my return period so I'm stuck with the computer at this point and really hoping for a solution.

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    I also have a new MBP 15" i7 with 6750M.  Games are very slow.  The strange thing is that they were fine until about two - three weeks ago and now they are terrible.  Everquest 2, for example, is averaging about 8 fps but was in the 30s-40 FPS.  Nothing has changed that I am aware of - but it is possible something updated..  I talked to Apple support and, of course, they couldn't help me with issues in Windows 7.  Mac OS graphics performance seems fine -- in Portal 2, for example.  Other games, like Shogun 2: Total War are also slow.  If anyone figures out what is going on with all of these issues, it would be great to find out.  I have tried reinstalling the Boot Camp drivers and I verified I'm running the latest AMD 6750 driver.

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