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Having trouble upgrading. iTunes keeps saying that 4.2 is the latest version. I have the latest version of iTunes and had no trouble installing OS4.3 on my iPhone 4.

Possibly related; it won't let me do a restore on the iPad either... "There was a problem downloading the software... The requested resource was not found."

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

iPad, iOS 4
  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,655 points)
    You could try downloading it manually;

    After you have downloaded the file attach the iPad to you computer, then in iTunes press the Option key, click the Check for Update button and browse to the location of the downloaded file.
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    Thanks a ton!
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    Updated my iPhone from my iMac to 4.3 with no problems. Connected my iPad and downloaded the update again. Just after expanding the update an error dialog box comes up saying that iTunes has lost the session connection with my iPad and I have to reconnect again. I've tried shutting off my anti-virus, rebooting my iMac, turning off all extensions and shutting down any other applications. All to no avail. iTunes continues to lose the connection to my iPad. I have successfully backed up and deleted files on my iPad to insure that it was an available iPad memory issue. Nothing works...

    Any suggestions or fixes??
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    I had the same problem. Please follow:
    1. Get newest iTunes v 10.2.1
    2. connect iPad USB to computer not iPad
    3. reboot computer
    4. turn off iPad by holding down sleep button until red bar happens on screen and slide it off
    5. when computer is up
    6. hold down the home button on the iPad while connecting the iPad cable
    7. follow directions on the screen to get 4.3
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    You have updated to the most recent version of iTunes, yes?
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    David, Thanks! For those reading, this is the easiest, safest and fastest method without requiring a restore.

    This solution is rated 5 out of 5.
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    De nada amigos!

    Thank You for extending the courtesy of awarding to comments that are helpful or provide answers in the Apple Discussions, as this is not mandatory, but it is much appreciated!
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    David.Austin.Allen wrote:
    You could try downloading it manually;

    ... in iTunes press the Option key, click the Check for Update button and browse to the location of the downloaded file.

    Sorry to be dim, but where is the option key? If you choose check for update under the help menu it automatically checks online...starts downloading then gives an error messge
    ...so now trying to update iPhone (though reading the problems on here, i'm wondering why!) is it normal for the update to take almost 2 hrs to download? Guess i need to google again...
  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,655 points)
    On a Mac keyboard the Option key is between the Control and the Command keys on both the left and the right of the Space bar. I believe on a PC it is the Alt key.
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    My iPad failed to upgrade to 4.3 the first three times with different messages. The last error was 3014. I have a PC and the most recent iTunes. All devices had but turned of and/or rebooted and the update still failed.

    What worked for me was to disable my AV software AND windows firewall. Just remember to turn the AV software and firewall back on when you are done. Hope that helps.
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    Had same issue; came up with two different error messages on two different tries.

    Finally left iPad connected, shut the power down on it and restarted it. The software update had already been downloaded in iTunes, so it was simply restarting the update process again and it all went through fine thereafter.
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    Not just helpful, solved! Thank you
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    Which file do I have to select in the extracted iPad1,14.3_8F190Restore.ipsw?
    Noe of the files is selectable.
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    This is definitely the right solution. Thanks so much for hooking that answer up Jens24