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After some too cavalier abuse of permissions, I managed to software lock up one external drive, one internal drive and wreck my OS on a Mac G5 OS 10.5.8. The Mac is now sorted (and its second internal drive unlocked again, thanks to DiskUtility).

But my problem is a 4Tb external Iomega +UltraMax Plus 4TB eSATA/USB 2.0/FireWire 400/FireWire 800 Desktop Hard Drive+. DiskUtility won't touch its permissions.

If I unpadlock the "Get info" - which I can - the permissions all say "Custom". They won't budge from that. Altering the drive's Filesharing settings in System Preferences has no effect. The icon of the drive itself has a padlock in one corner. I also can't get into it from my MacBookPro. Same thing. Padlocked icon and I can't open the drive.

Reformatting the drive and losing the content is NOT an option.

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