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    in reply to your question ! It could be earlier.

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    All ipads with verizon 3g installed are being recalled. Finally the truth from an Apple employee.

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    I  just read the following on



    9to5 Mac reports today that Apple has in the past week been recalling Verizon iPad 2s in mid shipment on their way over from China, and then sending out replacements to the customer. According to their sources, the iPad 2s in question are all Verizon devices that have been shipped by FedEX, and they are also all engraved. 9to5 Mac has also heard that Apple has given all its US retail stores a list of serial numbers which they must scan their iPad 2 stocks for, and if they find an iPad 2 with one of the serial numbers, they have to send it back to Apple. One Apple store employee told them that he or she started the scanning on Monday, and that all shipments up until June 11th were to be similarly scanned. Apparently just that one person had to send back over 100 iPad 2s.


    Right now, no one is exactly sure whey the Verizon iPad 2s are being recalled in such large numbers. 9to5 Mac has heard that it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the iPad 2s are all engraved, and that the issue is actually “device specific, not software.” The source has also said that the problem has something to do with the iPad 2s not being able to bring up account information when their cellular service is activated.


    Source: Is Apple recalling Verizon iPad 2s? | 9 to 5 Mac
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    I don't know what engraving would have to do with it, and the ones in the Apple store would not be engraved.  The last sentence is probably correct with it not being able to bring up account information when the cellular service is activated. Well, the mystery is finally solved!

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    64Gb 3g iPad2 Verizon White

    Ordered May 20th, 2011


    (6.9.11)Took day off of work (as Fed-Ex tracking indicated it was out for delivery)

    Fed-Ex did not show up


    (6.10.11) Took today off of work (thought perhaps Fed-Ex would try to deliver today)

    Checked tracking page, it stated: on  6.9.11 @ 9.32a.m. "Customer not available or business closed"

    (which was not true, as I was home all day)


    (6.10.11) Called Fed-Ex customer service @ 10:00a.m., spoke to a lady and she said that the shipment was in-fact at the local distribution hub, but it was re-directed back to the factory (orders from the shipper: Apple). She indicated that I would have to contact Apple to ask them why they had the shipment re-directed.


    (6.10.11) Called Apple Customer Service @ 10:20a.m., spoke to "Nathan", he said that they were experiencing a "glitch" in there system and that a new iPad 2 was being shipped to me in a few days or a week (he wasn't sure how long it would take), he continued to say that Apple is going to upgrade the shipping class for me.


    (6.10.11) Drove to the local Apple Retail Store @ noon and spoke to a manager regarding my order. He indicated

    that he didn't know anything about this issue and that I needed to contact somebody in customer service (as he was only the retail store).


    I find this unacceptable, is all I want to know is when will my iPad 2 arrive so I can take (yet another) day off of work to sign for it. Is that asking too much?!


    I understand that "things happen", but I do NOT appreciate being lied to! I wish the guilty party would come forward and admit their errors! It also upsets me that I did not receive ANY communications from Apple regarding my shipment being redirected and why. I have all ready paid for a product that I don't even have!


    I will now have to take, yet another, day off of work to sign for the iPad 2 when it actually does arrive, ugh!


    I feel my time is worth something, I feel that we should get compensated (somehow) for this inconvenience!



    One upset Apple customer

    Drew ~ Tucson, Az

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    Just to fill you guys in on my end. My replacement iPad is in Anchorage and on time for a Monday delivery before 10:30am. So, I got that going for me, and thats nice.


    Apple also threw in the smart cover and gave me a small credit on my iPad. So they more than made up for the issue and I'm happy. Thanks Apple.

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