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iPod Touch 4th Gen Version 4.3 (8F190)
Windows 7 64 bit

Home Sharing is enabled (Advanced\Turn on Home Sharing)
Share my library on my local network is enabled (Edit\Preferences\Sharing)

1. Sharing Does not show up in the iTunes left sidebar
- only shows up when I select Advanced\Turn On Home Sharing
- Disappears after I Create Home Share and Select Done button
2. iPod does not have an iPod button in Settings
- In settings, went to More\Shared, only shows my iPod Touch

I've read all the stuff on Apple's web sites and other sites as well, nothing.

I guess if I had an Apple workstation instead of Windows it would probably work.

iPod Touch 4th Gen, Windows 7
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    I am having exactly the same issues, but I am using a Macbook Pro. So I don't think it's your system...
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    Not working for me either on a 3rd gen iPod Touch. It is working on my 1st gen iPad however...
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    Hi, Have same problem. using the same iTunes and iOS as you. Have checked out the web and all seem to say to enable this you have to go to settings/iPod, only problem is that there is no iPod icon. To answer your point about using an Apple instead of windows, I'm running iTunes on Apple Mac OS 10.6.X and have the same problem. Hoping that someone will have an answer to this "issue"
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    I restarted iTunes on my PC and now it's working. Weird...
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    On the iPod Touch it's under "Music" in the settings. Assuming you have iOS 4.3
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    Interesting, have bounced iTunes and the Mac, changed the settings in "music" still nothing. You would think that it would be a standard setting/icon as suggested on the various web postings
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    Here's what's happening with mine: (3rd gen)
    The "Shared" shows up under "More" just fine. I select the library on my pc, it goes back to the selection screen where I can choose "Playlists", "Podcasts", etc. It shows the name of my Library at top letting me know I am connected, all my files show up just fine. Looks like it's going to work. BUT when I click on a file, doesn't matter which one, it goes to the now playing screen (or whatever they call it) and acts like it will play, but just sits there. No sound, the time bar doesn't move, but after a while it will switch to the next song.