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I just ended a very disappointing phone call with an upper-level tech, regarding the audio and video problems created for HD content with the new firmware update.

Apparently, there is no way to do a real factory restore to get the unit back to a working condition. You can do what Apple calls a restore, but which automatically reinstalls the update that broke my unit. They insist that I make an appointment at the Apple Store, just to do a simple exchange.

From there, I suppose it's up to me to remind my family never to install the update, no matter how many times it bugs us to, or risk another bricked unit.

Is this any way to treat paying customers? And when will a patch be issued to fix the patch that broke my Apple TV?

Mac Pro (Nehalem), Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    VodkaPundit wrote:
    And when will a patch be issued to fix the patch that broke my Apple TV?

    we are all just users here so no-one will know.
    maybe you should have asked the person you spoke to on the phone.

    you can install old versions, but you would need to find the install file and install if using itunes.
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    I too have just let my Apple TV box update itself before sitting down to watching a film. But now the film i want to watch will not play any sound! Brilliant. Even a film i know worked perfectly ok yesterday now plays no sound whatsover.

    First they make my iphone reboot after about 10 minutes of a call with an update and now my apple tv is as good as junk too. At least some films still ahve some sound but none of the new one i was wanting to watch!