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Is it possible to import apple loops from GB for Mac in GB for iPad ?

iPad 1, iOS 4
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    I'm not too sure if this might help you, but in my previous topic someone did mention that the GarageBand team for Mac will need to make and update sooner or later so that it's up to date with the GarageBand for iPad. So probably just wait for the Mac version to get it's update and we'll be able to use the loops.
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    Began to play with GarageBand for iPad, and it is amazingly capable for a $5 app. One thing though: the loops included are a VERY small subset of what is actually available via GarageBand for Mac or Logic Pro. I have both and these include ALL the Jam Packs. I'd like to import some of the Apple Loops into GarageBand for iPad as this would greatly enhance the ability to use this as my musical scratchpad (imho). I attempted to add some thru the iTunes document interface, but they will not show up in the GarageBand Loops browser <sigh>. Any other work-around available?

    Apple...I hope you are listening. This is a great little tool...it could be even greater.
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    Agreed. This would be a valuable feature as I have Logic Pro, too....plus they could offer in-app purchases of additional loops and instruments for those who don't.
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    It is fairly easy to import the apple loops into the Ipad - I have been using an app called IpadFileExplorer and it works fine. The problem is, Garageband won't show them unless the loops index file is updated... I believe it is the LoopsDatabaseV07.db file. If anyone can figure out how to update that database file, then,... problem solved. Possibly it can be done with an app called SLQLite Database browser, but I'm not quite sure how. Anyone?
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    frankmv wrote:
    Apple...I hope you are listening. This is a great little tool...it could be even greater.

    You can let Apple know at: www.apple.com/feedback
    They do not officially monitor this discussion forum.
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    Hey red555,

    Thanks. Did that. Hopefully, they'll add this option in the future (or a 3rd party will come up with a tool to do so).
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    I looked for that file utility and couldn't find it. Can you confirm where you saw the LoopsDatabaseV07.db file? If it is a SQLite table, it can be viewed on any Mac with FireFox's SQLite Editor plug-in. Or you could use the SQLite Editor tool available for both iPhone/iPad. Unfortunately, I can't find the table/file to view it. Can you detail how/where you find it?
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    The app is called Ipad File Explorer and u can find it on Easypadapps.com. ... I actually bought it, fifteen bucks i think it was. The thing with this app is you must be patient and give it some time to read the ipad while you are browsing the ipad's file system. The file LoopsDatabaseV07.db file is located in: (your ipad name)/Applications/Garageband/MobileGarageband.App/Library.Bundle/Audio/Apple Loops Index/LoopsDatabaseV07.db.

    Once again, be patient with the ipad file explorer.. It takes a few seconds to refresh. Needless to say, it's meant to work with the ipad hooked up to the computer with the proprietary mac cable, as you would while using itunes. Also, ipad file explorer is available in mac and windows versions. Peace -r.
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    Oh yeah, no need for jailbreaking or any of that silliness.