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I plugged my Ipad into my Mac and Itunes came on and it started to sync. The only automatic sync function I have ticked is the applications. Everything else is unticked. It said sync completed and then I ejected the ipad in the proper way only to find all of my applications went blank and appeared as 'waiting'. None of them were active anymore.

* I tried both the soft and hard reset methods, but still the same.
* Tried logging out of itunes store. Still no change
* Turned off wi-fi but still no joy.
* Holding figure down on an application - usual snag as only fully downloaded applications wiggle.

I have now had to leave the ipad on for past two days so it is 'loading' all the applications again from the store. Very strange how this happened.

Anyone have a similar problem? Any ideas on how this may have happened? More importantly any ideas on how to get applications back to normal again rather than the 'waiting' to 'loading' exercise.

Lesson Learned: people DO NOT sync your applications in itunes.

Would really appreciate some sound technical advice/suggestions on this issue?

Many thanks

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)