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I am not familiar with iPods and the like but I would like to purchase one as a gift, and I have a question.

Is there any difference between the 8GB, 32GB and 64GB iPods apart from how many things you can save to it? Does getting more compromise anything else or is the only reason people would buy a smaller number because of cost?

Thank you.

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    GB is gigabyte...some people buy smaller gb's because they don't need a lot of space (aren't into gaming or a lot of apps...don't have huge libraries,etc). Some do it to save money upfront. If you choose a smaller GB device and later decide you need more room you can't do anything about it except purchase a larger capacity iPod. It's more about convenience...are you willing to sync more often and not have a large amount of a massive library on your iPod at all times (for those that have large collections of course) or do you prefer having everything on you just in case you are in the mood to hear or see something and can't immediately sync with your computer to add it. It's all a personal choice. For me, more space in the iPod Touch format was something I wanted so I have a 64 GB. For my mother, the smaller capacity was more than enough.
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    I would go with the 32 GB as a gift. I got my daughter an 8 GB and it is enough space, but she fears often that it will fill so she constantly has to delete any movies or videos she has uploaded to help it have more memory. Go with the 32!!(:
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    Thanks for the replies, they are appreciated. But, what I mean is, if I choose a higher amount of GB then does it compromise anything else, or do people only choose less because they cannot afford a higher amount?
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    If the person you are buying it for is likely to use movies a lot on it I definitely wouldn't go with anything smaller than 32 GB. My boyfriend was recently deployed overseas and wanted to load movies on his Touch since taking dvd's wasn't a very theasible option. Unfortunately, he only had a 8GB...normally, it wasn't an issue. He could sync when needed. This isn't an option while being deployed...and he was only able to fit 2 full movies on his iPod. He still had space left, just not enough to add another movie.
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    If you are buying a gift, make sure the specs of their computer will allow them to use the iPod. You can find the required specs on Apple's website www.apple.com.