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I am wondering if there is way to turn off the iPad microphone ? I am using the app, GarageBand, I am using it with headphones and I noticed extraneous noise. I did sone checking and discovered that the iPad microphone does not disable, even if you plug another microphone into the headphone jack . The built in microphone on the iPad is ALWAYS on. This is not acceptable. When I connect my guitar to the iPad the microphone just introduces to much feedback . If this microphone cannot be disabled by software I will have to go to extremes to disable it . I do not want to od anything drastic. Please, someone help. Thanks.

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  • dlee31217 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same issue. Was anyone able figure out a way to disable the built-in mic?
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    I don't know how to turn off the microphone, but did you already search for an app that can help you? FaceTime - for example - can mute the microphone, but only within FaceTime.

    Also, check the options available in GarageBand with regard to its Noise Gate.

    In iPad's settings under GarageBand check whether Guitar Amp Crosstalk Protection should be On or Off for you.
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    I would love to know the answer to this too. As soon as GarageBand is active, the internal microphone is active. Surely it only need be active when you explicitly choose audio recorder, and even then when 'internal microphone' is your required source. Alas there are literally zero options in Garageband for iPad for this kind of control.


    I simply wanted to record guitar via input, rather than mic, but it records the microphone input as well, which, since I use my computer as the external monitor, results in both the guitar, the playing track from the computer and any other environmental sounds being recorded! Ridiculous. I just want to be able to record from the plugged in device only... is that too much to ask?!


    You can see it's active when you're using the 'Guitar Amp', even without any other external devices plugged in, any noise causes the LED on the input options jack icon to light.


    IMO, this makes Garageband pretty useless for recording any kind of external instruments, which it boasts as one of it's strengths.

  • Lennywc Level 1 Level 1

    Well, got no help at all on this question . So I guess the iPad mike will always be on . This makes the GarageBand app pretty much useless . Thanks, apple, for all your support...not!

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    Re-booting the iPad seems to help eliminate the ambient noise. Am using an Apogee jam device. The ability to completely control it should be in the next iOS/garage band update. Definitely an issue.

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    Try hitting the little plug in the upper left corner of garage band when you are on the audio record or guitar amp modes and turn the noise gate all the way up to just shy of all the way. I was having the same problem while using a home made chord with an inline headphone jack similar to irig. It was recording through the guitar cable and through the internal mike. Turning the noise gate up eliminated the internal mike and just recorded the line in.

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    Dear  Lenny:


    It's impossible to disable the iPad microphone for the extremely simple reason that it wouldn't give to the military any access to your sound.  Ah, you hadn't noticed?  The iPad is architectured to both film and record all audios, videos, and texts, and send it directly to the military.

    Trust me on it.



    Ivan Moraes

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    Ha! Funny!

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    IAMoraes wrote:


    The iPad is architectured to both film and record all audios, videos, and texts, and send it directly to the military.

    And you win the award for funniest post of the day!

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    Of the day? You meant of the year!

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    Hang around for a few years. You'll see some dozies.

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    Maybe you are right...

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    I have the same problem on garageband. I have no problem with my iphone but ipad turns the mic always on. So guitar amp in garageband is useless for ipad. But why?