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I just installed iOS 4.3 on my iPhone 4 and wanted to start my home sharing.
So I went to the "iPod" on my iPhone and the "Preferences" in iTunes and put in my account details. They are both on the same wireless network and I can use the "Remote" app for controlling iTunes so they are able to communicate.
As I have understood I should now be able to play music and videos from my iTunes library on my iPhone. However - this is not the case.
Rebooted both the phone and the computer but no luck. I am pretty sure I have done it right so why is there no sharing? Help appreciated!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Exactly the same problem.....really frustrating
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    I just set this up between my MacBook Pro and iPhone. On your iPhone, open iPod, then click 'More', then look for 'Shared' at the bottom. It will only show up, if 1) the same Home Sharing account is used between iTunes and iPhone, and 2) both devices are on the same network (which you already confirmed.)

    Here is additional troubleshooting information: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2972

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    Sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious.
    But did you also go to Settings -> iPod on your iPhone and filled in your Apple ID and password in the fields Home Sharing?
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    Hey guys, i'm here to help. I just had the same problems you all had, and i got mine working.

    First, on the iPhone4 tap setting/iPod and fill in your AppleID info, username and password. tap DONE when your finished.

    second, go to iTunes, making sure you have the latest update (10.2.1) click on iTunes/Preferences/sharing and click 'Home Sharing Computers and Devices update play counts' if you want to that is.

    Third, Still on iTunes, click Advanced/Turn on Home sharing. then just follow on screen instructions, which would be to enter your Apple ID again.

    Then on your iPhone, open the iPod app and tap 'More' on the bottom right, in there you should find an option called 'Shared' tap that and then tap your 'Shared Library' this takes a moment to update, but when its done you should have access to all material in your iTunes libraries. Music, videos, podcasts.

    Once that is updated you Simply go to, say your standard iPod videos section, and all your videos, from iTunes should be in there.

    Good luck, hope this helps guys.
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    Oh, i forgot, every time you close the iPod app, you'd need to redo that last part again 'More/Shared' and so on, it does work if you double click the home button and use the multi tasking.
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    Thanks for all the replies.
    Yesterday I erased and reentered my account a couple of times without luck (on both the iPhone and in iTunes).
    However thanks to Jason for the "Advanced>Turn on Home Sharing".
    It was turned on already but I turned it off and then on again. After retyping password it seems to work. But now I am a little disappointed. I quit Windows because I was tired of the whole exit/restart thing but maybe its just how computers (Macs included) are...

    However when I am in the "Preferences>Sharing" tab it states that there are no users connected. This while I am streaming a movie to my iPhone and therefore obviously not true.
    Do you see the same? I find it somewhat confusing. But no matter - now it seem to work. A nice weekend to you all.
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    on my iPhone4 iPod app there is no 'share' in 'more' - why?
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    Is your iTunes open?

    The shared option will not appear in the 'More' section of the iPod app if iTunes isn't open.
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    On my iPhone 4, under settings, and then iPod, Home Sharing doesn't show up as an option.

    1. <5 computers authorized.
    2. software up to date.
    3. iPad connected to Home Sharing, iPhone won't.

    Could be a larger issue here.
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    Nevermind, think I figured out the issue. iOS 4.3 isn't yet available for CDMA devices.
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    I agree something is amiss...

    Itunes open

    settings to ipod

    no homesharing available

    have it working with Itouch gen 4