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So got the new ipad today and am in process of setting up. Itunes is asking if I want to set up as new iPad or restore from backup of ipod touch. I want to keep all of my tunes and apps on my ipod touch and don't want to re-buy all those hundreds of songs again but I don't know what happens if I sync the IPAD with the ipod touch backup. Can I run both of these devices on one laptop? Does the ipad and ipod touch have to have separate libraries? Desperately waiting for help please


Dell Inspiron, Windows XP Pro
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    Dont know if this is the right way but I set up as new. This way though installs everything in your itunes so now I have to go thru it and remove apps I no longer use.
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    Yes, both can use the same iTunes. When you connect, one will be identified as "Joe's iPad" while the other will be identified as "Joe's iPod" if, of course, your name is Joe. If you have many iPads, it will be "Joe1's iPad," "Joe2's iPad," etc. Actually, you can customize the names to anything you wish.

    Each device can be configured (by you) to sync different items within the capability of the device.
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    Thank you, thank you!! Most helpful.
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    Thank you Philly Phan! I'm from Philly as well. The name is Pam though; not Joe
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    OK. Pam's iPod and Pam's iPad!

    Actually, I haven't been a legal resident of Philly for a long time, having moved out nearly fifty years ago. Since then, I've lived literally ocean-to-ocean and border-to-border and a few places in-between. However, my heart is in Philly and I'll always call myself a Philadelphian.
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    Hi Philly_Phan and Pam, Rob here also from Philly. There will always be a spot here for you Philly_Phan.

    Have a great evening and weekend...
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    Verizon store couldn't set up the ipad 2 so I'm doing it at home. Itunes does not have the ipad listed as Device. What's the problem?