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So I just noticed that my computer is using a TON of data. I recently switched over from AT&T Edge network on Sunday Night, and now I am on Verizon 3G all the time. We have an unlimited data plan which is good, but I don't understand why I am using almost close to 12GB's of data in less then 5 days?

iPhone 4 (CDMA), iOS 4
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    Are you watching Netflix a lot? Downloading a lot? Using Pandora? Slacker? Etc. A LOT? I think that could do it. Not sure though. I don't really look as I am on unlimited. Unless Verizon gets greedy and turns into a follower and goes the way of AT&T and takes unlimited away. If that happens, I am no longer going to stay with Verizon and I will go with Metro PCS or someone less greedy.
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    I had the same problem with my 16 GB vzw iPhone. My data usage was saying I used 44.5 GB of data! this was so wrong because I almost always use wifi and usually turn cellular data off. I got a new 32 GB phone and never turned cellular data off. This seemed to fix the problem. I had called both apple and vzw and they said on their end my data usage was showing 88.6 MB not GB. Could be a possible bug with turning cellular data off. Have you done this before? Try dialing *228 option 2, for this helps problems sometimes.
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    Try resetting the statistics on your iPhone (at the bottom of the usage page). Unless your actual account is showing that you are using that much data I think it's just a "bug" that popped up on the usage page after the 10.1 carrier update occurred. If you want to get a more accurate reading of what data you have used you can log on to your My Verizon account or dial #3282 on your phone.