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I'm having HUGE issues getting my iPod to get the podcasts from iTunes. It will sync with the am talk radio show that I grab but won't grab any of the video podcasts anymore. Just started today. iTunes shows 18 episodes from 3 podcasts and the iPod shows 5 episodes. 4 from 1 podcast and 1 from another podcast. I can't figure this out.

Windows 7
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    Hello JerMaurer,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    If you have your iPod set up to automatically sync with your iTunes library, you might want to first check what configurations you have made from under your iPod's Podcasts tab in iTunes. Make sure it set to sync All podcasts.

    I'm assuming you aren't getting any error messages while syncing the iPod correct?

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    I had a similar problem because I ran out of space. The iPod seemed to keep music but stopped copying some podcasts and photos.