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  • HereIsTom Level 4 Level 4 (1,475 points)
    Thank you Twdawg, I think this is for many people here the solution
  • matben Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having this same issue with an LG 22LS4R (seems to be many LG's?). The thing is, it works great with my iPhone 4 - so it can't be a cable fault, right? Anyone else seeing this?
  • HereIsTom Level 4 Level 4 (1,475 points)
    If it work with your iPhone it must also be working with your iPad, try to turn of your iPad, connect the cable to your TV and iPad and turn on your iPad, if not, then try to turn off and on your TV.
  • mhorowitz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi, and thanks for the suggestion.Iv was having the same issue with my work monitor but not at home. Sure enough when I used a different and shorter HDMI cable, it worked just fine. Try changing your cable to the latest HDMI standard.
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    My problem is that on my ipad the colours invert after 20-30 min and the pictures turns into green, purple, magneta. Its the same problem the AT2 had. Sometimes i have to plug, unplug and plug to
    get a connection.

    Ipad 1 (ios 4.3.2), tv philips 32pfl9604.
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    Oddly my wife's iPad2 woked and mine didn't. So fearing the worst(bad iPad2) I called Apple Support. I have the latest iOS (4.3.2) so I didn't need to download that as suggested. The tech asked me to do a reset by holding down the home and power button down 'UNTIL' I see the Apple logo. This is a different reset than holding down both until you see the Power Off slider.


    Anywho, after a reboot and sync with my Mac I unplugged it and tried the AV HDMI adapter, worked as advertised, whoo hoo!

  • Mike S HT Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    My problem was solved by simply power cycling my iPad 2 while everything else was connected and on. My setup is latest iOS, 10' HDMI cable, Apple HDMI converter. I hope I don't need to do that every time. I guess i'll find out soon...

  • matthewfromleicester Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I too was having issues connecting to an LG TV (LE4900).


    I spoke to LG support.  This is their 'help'.  


    TV,Monitors, AV and IT Support:Hello, Mat. Can I help you with anything today?
    Mat: Hi,

    I'm trying to connect my iPad 2 via HDMI. I just can't get it to work on my32LE4900 however it works on an older LG LCD and all my Samsung TV's.

    Are there any known issues with this or any ideas of whats going on?

    Apple say it is an issue with the TV!

    Mat: Hello, anyone there?
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: Yes, I am here just double checking with a colleague
    Mat: Cool,cheers
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: If you go on to the app store there are some applicationsyou can download that will help this function operate correctly.
    Mat: TheApple app store?
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: Yes, correct.
    Mat: You knowthe name of the app?
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: Unfortunately not. I would be unable to advise as they arenot our apps.
    Mat: So whydoen't it just 'work' like on my Samsung TVs?
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: This could be down to a EDID incompatibility, pleaseensure that the TV has the latest firmware.
    Mat: Howwould you update the TVs firmware?
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: Via USB, Via our website, and go to productsupport.
    Mat: Triedthis .. nothing on you site.
    Mat: de=32LE4900&initialTab=documents&targetPage=support-product-profile
    Mat: can you give me a direct link please?
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: it is
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support:
    Mat: yep forwards to
    Mat: Do you have a direct link to the latestfirmware that I need for a 32LE4900 TV?
    Notice:TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support exited session.Mat: anyonecoming back?
    Notice:I'm sorry, your Agent has left the chat. If you would like to chat with anotherAgent, please click the end chat link below and open a new chat from thewebsite chat link.
    We really sorry for the inconvenience.


    TV, Monitors,AV and IT Support: Ok Ican see on the system that the chat timed out we I do apologise about
    Mat: noworries
    Mat: I've just looked on the internet and itsays that the firmware updates everytiome you use NetCast
    Mat: I use that everyday
    Mat: Is that right?
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: Yes sometimes the television will update when usingNetcast but this is sometimes not all the time, it can be intermittent
    Mat: Do youhave a direct link for the latest firmware for a 32LE4900?
    Mat: Can't find it on your website.

    TV, Monitors,AV and IT Support: Okunfortunately there will be no software available on our website for thisparticular model of television. The reason for this is that there are nointermittent known faults that have occurred, which can be solved by updatingthe software.
    Mat: So backto my first question
    Mat: Any ideas why iPad 2 over hdmi doesn'twork?
    Mat: It's pretty much the reason why Ibought the TV
    Mat: At work I have various Samsung and SonyTVs .. Same iPad and cables work on ALL of them
    TV, Monitors, AV and IT Support: Ok unfortunately we cannot guarantee that an iPad willdefinitely work on all televisions as this device is not specifically fortelevisions, it simply has the connections to do so

    Mat: hmm ... I guess I take it back andexchange it for a Samsung?

    TV, Monitors,AV and IT Support: Ok thatwould be your decision completely.

  • Mike S HT Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks for sharing your tech support experience, Matt.  In the old days, a name-brand TV was the way to go for quality and support.  Then, TVs became a commodity item, and brand didn't matter -- price was the way to go.  Now that we're hooking up increasingly complex devices to our increasingly complex TVs, looks like brand matters again.


    BTW, I forgot to mention above that I have a Samsung LNT5265F.  The initial power cycle of my iPad2 while connected to the TV seems to have permanently (fingers crossed) fixed my connection issue.  Connects every time now.

  • Himhaha Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My situation is very weird:


    I tried 3 TV in my home:


    TV 1: JNC. relative older and cheaper TV. I plugged the HDMI cable to my ipad2, The tv screen flashed blue and black. Besides, my another HDMI device works fine with this TV.


    TV 2: OLEVIA. Brought 2 or 3 years ago. When I plugged HDMI to my ipad2, no signal, no flashing screen, nothing happened on TV.

    Same other HDMI device works.


    TV 3: OLEVIA. newly brought (within 1 year). I pluged the HDMI to my ipad2, after 5 seconds, it works perfectly. Video, youtube, NBA gametime video, most apps, mirroring, every thing is great.



    I used the same HDMI cable for 3 TV.


    Really don't know which things go wrong. JNC? Older OLEVIA? New OLEVIA? Cable? Or the apple HDMI adapter....  Tonight I'll bring my adapter and cable to my friend's home, use his new big expensive HDTV, and also his HDMI cable for testing.

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    If this can help anyone:

    We hooked the iPad with the apple adaptor and with a hdmi cable and started a PowerPoint in keynote. The screen flickered, no picture, weird color picture, no picture again and then all black. After a while, we finally had a perfect picture, but as soon as we unplugged it, we were not able to reproduce our success. So we tried the setup on another tv brand and everything worked perfectly. So the good part: we tried it backgammon on the first tv with a different cable : a dynex cable and everything worked like a charm. one reason I can think of is that the original cable was certified hdmi 1.2 and the dinex was one 'designed' for xbox.

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    I am having the same problem.  I have tried 3 different hdmi cables, and even restored the ipad to factory settings.  No luck.  All I get is a blank tv screen and no sound.  Please someone find a solution.  I have never been this frustrated with an Apple product


    iPad 2

    Vizio 42" HDTV

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    I am using the IPad 2 with the latest software and also with an Apple HDMI adapter. I just spent a good 45 minutes over my girlfriend's trying to get the IPad 2 to mirror. Below is the situation and solution.



    HDMI adapter and cable into a surround sound system that is then plugged into the TV. I have noticed with the cable and other inputs that the surround sound is a bit screwy in the sequence in which things are turned on. I plugged in the IPad 2 and the TV continued to say no input.



    I had the surround sound system (entertainment center) turned on and tuned to the needed HDMI input. Then I had the TV on to proper input as well. Seeing another post on here about restarting the IPad 2 completely had me think about the screwy behavior of the surround sound system. So I restarted the IPad 2 with everything as stated above and then unlocked the IPad 2 and it instantly began to work. The entertainment center signal issue may be an issue others are having as well (versus just plugging it directly into one's TV).


    Everything is working as expected (I prefer the fact the IPad 2 doesn't mirror the move on its own screen as that would kill the battery twice as fast in regard to movie watching).


    Hope this helps!

  • Viking_User Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I initially had no picture or sound using the HDMI adapter connected to my Sony Bravia TV, but after trying several different HDMI cables I quickly realized not all HDMI cables are created equal. After some trial and error I ordered a Mediabridge Ultra Series HDMI cable (Category 2, capable of 3D) and it finally worked.



    Sometimes when changing the HDMI input on the TV I need to restart the iPad 2, but otherwise it works fine, as long as the HDMI cable is plugged

    directly to the TV and not using an HDMI switcher.

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    It worked great for me to turn the iPad 2 off completely. And as Oregon1 said, the iPad started up automatically once I plugged in the HDMI adapter and everything worked fine every since.

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