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    Apple, why do you market something that only has value on a jail broken iPhone 4? I don't want to jailbreak my phone but this would be one reason I would, to mirror my iPhone display on my TV. Why would I pay $40 for an adaptor to play YouTube and a few random games on my TV. This cable would be so invaluable to me if I had the ability to mirror my iPhone 4g screen to my TV. I bought it excited thinking I'd be able to use Skype to do video chat through my phone while displaying them on my LED screen, that would be worth 40.00. As it is, I'm just going to return it to target who will send it back to you. I can't immagine this is a licensing issue where I can't display certain media on an external. I would think you'd sell a ton of these if you mirrored the iphone's screen through it. I was so excited when I bought this and so let down when I realized it's severe limitations. Please change iOS in next update and I will buy one again and sell at least 20 others on it's value. Josh

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    If all you want is a stand alone option for playing content/streaming to TV, its more pricey at $99, but the Apple TV is worth every penny.  With Airplay, and Ipad2 and 3, or Iphone 4s, you can mirror both audio and video to TV. And you can move around freely with IOS device without having a cable connected to TV.  That will solve your video issue.  And that's just 1 feature of this swiss army knife, versus the clunky cable that has only 1. 


    I think the guys at Apple haven't marketed the device well enough.  (Up until 2 weeks ago, I thought it was still their attempt to sell sitcom episodes from iTunes at 2 bucks a pop (and I'm not doing that).)

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    I would like to share my experience with the Digital AV Adapter that I bought last week.


    I am using iPad 2 with latest iOs 5.1, bought a new Digital AV adapter from Apple Store, connected it with my existing HDMI cable (unknown version) that came with the DVD player, didnt work.


    The TV keeps flashing and blinking on and off.  Went back to Apple Store to exchange the adapter, thinking it was the problem, went home and tried, same problem. 


    Then I went to the TV shop where I purchased my TV with all my adapter and existing cable, tested with the same model they have on display, same problem.  The sales guy took their cable, worked fine immediately.

    He said that was an older version 1.3 cable. 


    He took another new one branded version 1.4, problem started again, blank screen and blinking. 


    So conclusion is the HDMI cable compatibility with the TV.


    To cut a long story short, The Summary is:


    1. Not all HDMI Cables are equal, there are versions and compatibility, the latest and most expensive one doesnt mean its the best and may not always work. The one that I found compatible with my tv is version 1.3 (latest 1.4), so test with a few HDMI cables, test at the shop or borrow from friends. Finally I bought the working cable from the TV shop for $15, dont get fooled by all the expensive "latest gold plated life time warranty stuff".



    2. Not all HDMI ports on the tv are equal too (apparently). I'm using a Sharp Aquos LED 40' TV with 3 HDMI Input ports, Input port 1 and 2 did not work properly, Input port 3 did.  Dont know why, I thought they were all equal contrary to my thinking.



    3. Not all HD TVs are compatible, but I found it could possibly be the combination of the built-in functions and the HDMI cables connecting to the iPad.  I test on 2 other TV models of the same brand, worked with my old HDMI cable.



    4. While a restart of the iPad maybe needed, I didnt restart but worked fine.  So try restarting if it doesnt.


    Tried it on my wife's iPhone, works the same.  Hope it helps.  Cheers.

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    Connecting iPad 2 to Palsonic tv  with hdmi av cable and using AV input I can present Keynote and Presentation no trouble but can get no other mirror eg prompster, Numbers etc. Any assistance please and nothing at all on any of the three HDMI input settings. Any help please

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    Thanks so much to Oili for suggesting the $99 Apple TV as a great solution to the HDMI mirroring problem. The $39 adapter clearly doesn't work and clearly Apple is not going to fix it. But the Apple TV box works great and no heavy, stiff, HDMi cable to come unplugged so easily. In fact, you can walk around anywhere your wifi is working. I ordered mine, overnighted, as soon as I read Oili's post. It was up and running in under 10 minutes including opening the box. Great $99 solution, much preferred to a wired solution, especially since it actually WORKS.

    Apple, since you are obviously not going to fix your HDMI problem (which no other HDMI device seems to have) PLEASE put a link to the "real solution" on your HDMI Adapter page and tell the truth that the $39 solution doesn't work, that you aren't going to specify what it takes for it to work, and that the real and better solution is Apple TV. Who knows? Once we have the Apple TV box, we might rent some of your stuff.  Apple marketing, you listening?

    Furthermore, for business, this is a great addtion to a HTMI TV equipped conference room. Everyone with an iPad (on the same wifi) can put their iPad up on the TV. Handy!

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    Clearly no one has read the earlier posts and this has dragged on far too long!




    Read the workaround I mentioned earlier and get over it

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    Agreed - the adaptor does work. I've used it with at least 3 or 4 different cables (Monoprice, Blue Jeans, one that came with my Oppo). Also with Vizio and Mitsubishi TV's as well as through an Onkyo receiver. Certainly it's not perfect and falls out easily, now and then it needs some fussing like the tricks mentioned; but it almost always works for me. I should mention with the iPad3 I get an error message when I plug in; "This Accessory is Not Supported", but I click OK and it works fine.


    That said, I've mostly moved on and bought the new Apple TV with my iPad3 - it is without a doubt the best way to either mirror or airplay your iPad. I totally agree that it's worth the $99 even if all you use it for is mirroring your iPad (though it does much more). As mentioned it's perfect for a conference room too.


    So HDMI adaptor works fine, Apple TV works much better!

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    Caveman use stick rock . . .make fire. Use Cable connect Ipad and TV.


    Denpick probably had the same "Wow, this is really cool!" or "I should have been doing this a year ago" moment when you first connect Ipad with Apple TV.


    I'm dating myself somewhat, but its like when you neighbor had a new cordless phone and was walking and talking, and all your family had was the crappy rotary on the wall in the kitchen.  But its not just the video but control of audio too.  I'm outside in yard right now, sitting in my Adirondack and listening to Spotify, connected to my Bose in living room, with speakers facing out.  


    Or you could get a 50 foot cable I guess.


    So for everyone, even if it does work, don't pay 40 bucks for just a cable.


    Spend the $99 on ATV.

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    I hope this simple solution will help a few frustrated people if you have DirecTV. Previously I had hooked up the iPad successfully to my Vizio HDTV using the HDMI cable that came with my Vizio BluRay player. I am unsure what iOS I had at that time. Tonight I tried to play some videos for my family and no matter what I tried I kept getting the "This accessory is not supported by iPad" error. I have iOS 5.1.1. After spending 2 hours on many support forums and trying all suggestions I was about to give up when I decided to try once more using the HDMI cable that came with my DirecTV receiver. It worked instantly. I experimented with several different hook-up orders, and no matter which order I choose (plug in TV first, iPad first, turn TV on first, etc.) even if the iPad is playing a video it will recognize the connection and switch to the TV.

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    Been through all the bs with this problem on my ipad 1 st gen don't run out and buy apple tv  you still need a wifi connection and it still won't mirror. I udated to the 5.1 version and that helped got my movies out the av hdmi and multi tasking works but still no mirroring some vids on web pages work and some of the usal apps. Come on apple I am not going to buy another pad there are so many ways around it write a new version that works for all and sell the it I will give you 50 bucks for it.

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    So this is to everybody who's having a problem with the Apple HDMI adaptor.


    I have two TV sets at home - a VIZIO high-def & a Panasonic Viera plasma. The adaptor works just fine with my IPad 2. On the Panasonic, I get video but no audio.  I have also tried this on other TV sets - in hotel rooms, vacation rental houses, etc.  I.e. lots of different kinds of TV's. Bottom line - some work, some half work, some don't work at all.  And reading a lot of these posts, it's pretty clear that it's pretty much a crap shoot. So I agree, bad show, Apple. And throwing another $100 bucks out for Apple TV is a non-solution as far as I'm concerned.


    I also tried some of the work arounds suggested - none of them worked for me.


    So, you can spend 40 bucks for a poorly designed adaptor, 100 bucks for a failed product (sorry, Steve Jobs blew this one. I'm not buying  videos from ITunes - I can get Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus. - in addition to YouTube and a bunch of other stuff - on my Sony BluRay player).  Or you can just forget the whole thing, watch stuff on the IPad screen & use your laptop for presentations.


    Sorry for the rant - I wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out.

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    I have never bought anything from Itunes, but the box gets used a lot.  (Will not solve the hotel problem though)


    What will not cost you anything is to go the Apple Store and ask for a demonstration for the Apple TV and Airplay. I think they don't have the sales people push it bc they want people to wait for the big screen version later.


    We stream from our Ipad, the old Iphone 3gs (no phone service, but its used as remote control for Apple TV and for Spotify streaming). 


    And what would not be possible with an old cable, streaming our photos and videos from our 2 new Iphone 5's.  I guess we saved $$$ already by not having to wait for an HDMI cable that has not come out yet or the $40 bucks for the Adapter. 


    Also the video problem is already solved when I upgrade to a new Ipad.

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    Can verify this works on my iPad 3 and eBay HDMI connector I got for £12.49.

    Seller was easylinkpc.

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    As I said in my original comment, I too have had a great deal of difficulty using the HDMI adaptor. And reading all of these messages, it seems like this is a very common experience. As best as I can tell, it has to do with the different kinds of HDMI (I'm not enough of a techie to be able to understand all of it, but it's clear that there are multiple HDMI types and that Apple's adaptor supports some of them but not others, which is a huge pain in the you-know-what as far as I'm concerned!). 


    Anyway, I finally took the advice of Oili and checked out Apple TV.  And I bought one!   It is indeed a "Swiss Army Knife". Not only does it solve the HDMI problem, it does a whole lot of other neat stuff as well. Definitely worth the $99 as far as I'm concerned. So thanks again to Oili and I hope this is helpful to others.


    Greg LaGana

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