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Hi, any reason iPad is not charging from usb por of my laptop or pc? It said Not Charging near to the battery indicator while connected. Means I have to have this huge adapter with me to charge?

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  • HuskieN Level 3 (980 points)
    Your USB port does not put out enough power to charge the iPad whilst the screen is on. It charges while the screen isoff, but very slowly.

    Very few PCs have a powerful enough USB port to charge the iPad. Only Apple computers from about 3 years ago work with charging the iPad.
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    I hope my car charger could, it charging iPhone 4 well.
  • HuskieN Level 3 (980 points)
    It can, just notnas quickly as the iPad specific chargers.
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    I do this all the time...

    even tho it says not charging, unless you are constantly running (say, movies 24x7) the ipad actually will charge, just slowly.

    a normal usb port just cannot put out the high current the ipad wants to charge up with but it will happily slow charge. I have had my ipad 1 plugged into a usb port for, well, since the ipad 1 came out and no problems at all.
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    The charger for iPods and iPhones are 5 watts, but the one for the iPad is 10 watts. If you plug the iPad into a new Mac with no other USB devices attached aside from an Apple keyboard and mouse then the Mac will assign extra power to that USB port. Most PCs do not have this capacity.