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I have jUst upgraded to iOS 4.3. Screen doesn't swap to landscape without YouTube. How can I fix it? Even in safari, when i change position still keeps a4 position.

Help please

macbook pro 13 inch, ipod nano 16 gb, iphone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    I've the same problem, after update to 4.3. I tried restore from file, set a new phone ... and still doesn't work.
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    Yes, portrait orientation unlocked

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    I'm having the same problem. After updating to the latest version of the iPhone OS, screen rotation won't work at all. I've also noticed that the gyroscope isn't sending any information to apps; games that depend on tilting the phone don't appear to be receiving any information at all from the gyroscope or accelerometer.

    I have checked and unchecked the screen lock orientation.
    I have rebooted the phone by holding Home + On/Off until the Apple logo appears.
    I have Reset all of the phone's settings under Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.
    I have tried gently tapping the phone in case the gyro was locked up inside the device.

    None of these have had any effect whatsoever.

    My phone is in otherwise pristine condition. No physical blemishes, no functionality issues, no defects (at least, none that I can spot with the naked eye and through general use).

    Any advice or help would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated!
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    anyone solved this problem?
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    Just to let others know I had this same problem. I went threw all the steps other had taken and had no luck. I scheduled an appointment at the apple store and a genius confirmed the problem and swapped it out for a new phone under warranty. Maybe it was pure coincidence that the phone had a hardware failure the day after I did an OS update but it seems unlikely.
    In any case I have to say Apple was awesome in that once they confirmed the problem and that the phone was under warranty it was no hassle at all to swap it out. My wife got her Ipod swapped out right there on the spot also as it had just died for no reason.
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    Had the same problem for several days after the 4.3 update. Magically started working today. Didn't do anything to it. Will be watching it.