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    scoastmike: without in any way wishing to criticise you or anyone else in this forum, it is a sad fact that dubious software houses will create IDs in lots of forums pretending to be independant consumers, thereby trying to sway opinion



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    Mackeeper is BAD BAD BAD...

  • Wictor Level 1 (10 points)

    I confirm: I downloaded a trial version of MacKeeper site

    After installation I tried to run the scan. It gave me a report suggesting thousands of files to delete.

    I thought "hmmm... strange... thousands of files corrupting my MacBookPro17 just after a few months of use ???....considering that I love my Macs and I take very care of their use and installations ???".

    So I checked Apple Support discussions and followed all the opinions.

    I went back to my MacKeeper report and checked carefully some the files it was suggesting to delete. I tried to "trust" MacKeeper but to delete only a few files related to some applications that I dont use often. Then I opened those applications: 2 out of 5 were behaving unproperly and 1 crashed". Bad !!!!!!

    I recovered my Mac using the TimeMachine backup made half hour before downloading MacKeeper.

    That was my experience with it: forget it !

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    My suggestion is that anyone who bought mackeeper to call apple support and ask about that particular program; let's say it most likely saved me thousands and thousands of dollars... Thank you support team!!

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    I downloaded Mackeeper and paid the fee and saw the tuturial and YES IT DOES MORE BAD THAN GOOD...My entire hardrive is defective and my entire C: drive is deleted....MACKEEPER IS A SCAM AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH APPLE SO PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED LIKE I WAS. I took my macbook to the apple store and when they incerted the Mac Os X it was stuck inside the computer and the eject button and every way they tried we could not get the disk to eject and as a result of my silly actions of downloading Mackeeper I HAD TO BUY A NEW MACBOOK AND THE REPRESENTATIVE RESPONSE WHEN U CALL MACKEEPER AKA "ZEOBIT" IS TO GO TO THE APPLE STORE THEY CAN NOT HELP....ONCE U CLICK THE ONLY OPTION THEY HAVE WHICH IS "REMOVE" YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ALLOW THEM TO DO A "REMOTE" SET UP. SO PLEASE BEWARE OF THEM MACKEEPR IS A SCAM AND NOT APPLE AFFILIATED.

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    I second scoastmike's recommendation of AppCleaner. It might not get all the system level files, but it does do a good job of finding other randomness brought on by some downloaded Apps that you no longer need. Saves a lot of time from trying to manually search for junk.

    And no, I'm not employed or paid by them. Just a friendly recommendation of helpful software.


    I also second the general consensus to steer clear of MacKeeper. Shady software from what I've seen.

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    LAST YEAR (Marchh) my email appeared to be randomly resending sent mail.  I thought something was wrong, so I downloaded MacKeeper to fix it. OHMYGOD - WHAT a night mare!  Two days on the phone w/ support trying to get rid of it. Had to rebuild my system folder, but unfortunately I kept the old one, "just in case" on my hard drive.  Everything seemed ok...


    Flash forward to TODAY... 3/22/2012 and my timemachine says it's fulll....  So I go to the console and what do I find but some bizarro script from Zeobit.Mackeeper - sending something out every 5 seconds. Spotlight search turned up nothing so I downloaded AppCleaner,... but it found nothing. So I down loaded FIND ANY FILE... and OMG - it found tons of stuff... in hidden INVISIBLE folders, in my libraries, caches, key chains everywhere - still - after a whole year! ... I mean and my poor old time machine is full of the stuff.  So... All those back ups?  SHOT!  Now I'm just trying desperately to save my hard drive.  I moved that original system folder to the trash and I kid you not... the trash has been emptying for FOUR hours.  After a whole year, MacKeeper Zeobit is back and making my life a brand new nightmare. I've got a killer deadline, and I'm having to X$%&@* with THIS!  OY...  This thing isn't a VIRUS?  Whatever it is, it's BAD.

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    Hey BDAqua!  Thank you!  I did all that... and I do think I got it all. I have only two concerns: in my System Folder Library, I got rid of all mackeepr / zeobit but there is one extension that troubles me.  It's not in the extensions folder, it's just freestanding in the library itself, called "Extensions.mkext" - tried to move it to trash but got asked for my password and then it popped back into the library anyway. Is that a normal file?  AND/& then in the Activity monitor, there is a process named "distnoted" and the user is "daemon"  - everything else is either me, or root... so ... daemon seems dodgey, but maybe it's normal? Thanks guys & and thank GOD* for you! (or the "*Force" ;-)

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    Extensions.mkext is normal. distnoted is also a normal process. Looks like you killed it!

  • BDAqua Level 10 (121,670 points)

    Great news, good work, thanks, & it looks like Kurt has your other questions answered!

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    Last night I got a pop up with MacKeeper.  I didn't open it nor did I ask for a download of this; I just closed out of the app; does that mean it is still on my Mac?  Do I need to locate it in the Finder and Trash it?


    I hope it has not done any damage!!



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    Go to Finder>Applications>Utilities and open Activity Monitor. In the Filter search, look for MacKeeper or Zeobit and kill any process that you find.


    You also might have to manually search in System folders and files and look for anything called MacKeeper or Zeobit and drag it to the trash and empty it. Then restart your mac and double check Activity Monitor again just to be sure it's gone.


    MacKeeper seems like a cockroach that you have to stomp on several times for it to die.

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    Thanks, will look for it.  So even though I didn't actually install it, it will stay there?



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    This will sound 'basic' but when you say check activity monitor what do you mean?



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