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Homesharing from my Mac to the iPhone4 and iPad is a great thing I long was waiting for it. It works so far with my rather big library - but strangely enough the movies and music etc. is sorted in a very strange way: it starts with letters S-T followed by the normal order of ABC. Seems to be a bug in iOS 4.3 or itunes 10.2.1. Anyone else has this problem? Any help or advice?

iMac 27 i7 - iPad 64 WIFI-3G - iPhone 4 32, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • mkummer Level 2 Level 2 (285 points)
    The problem is still at place with new version 4.3.1 - sorting starts with letter S-T instead of A-B-C...

    Am I alone on this world with this problem?
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    Hi. The sort order is supposed to be A-Z, followed by 0-9 and other symbols. Also any leading article, ("A", "An" or "The" in English) is normally ignored for sorting. I recall a time where my iPod "forgot" these rules and used a plain ASCII sort. I assume there is some sort of configuration file on the iPod that encodes both the general and localized article rules which has become corrupt in your case. Try restoring the device. If that doesn't work, reinstall/repair iTunes and then try restoring the device again.

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    Hi and thanks for the message. I still have the confused sorting - Music starts with an album called „Synaulia“ - then it goes on to letter „Z“ followed by the letters „A...“. I have meanwhile iTunes in the newest version and iOS in the newest versions and an brand new iPad2. On all machines the sorting is not OK.

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    Now with iOS 5, iCloud and Lion 19.7.2 the sorting issues are still not solved - since I lost my whole albums sorting system with the "old" library file, I had to fully build up the library again, but still the sorting issues are not solved. here must be a bug in the whole system and I really would love to know, if I am the only person in this universe with this problem.