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I just recently purchased a new MBP and imported the user from my previous MBP.

A few things I have noticed - first the Mac boots into the new user I had to set up when I did the import and not the user I imported - any way to change that? Second, I notice that the FaceTime program is not available in the imported user, but is available under the new user I had to create - is there any way to make sure that the imported user has access to that as well? Is there a better way to transfer data to a new Mac so that these issues do not happen? I just used the migration assistant to do all of this...

Thanks in advance.

17" MacBook Pro i7, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • eww Level 9 Level 9
    Yes, there is a better way: use Setup Assistant to bring over your old data, settings etc., instead of Migration Assistant. But to do so now, you'll have to erase the hard drive, reinstall the OS from the factory DVDs that came with the new computer, and when Setup Assistant invites you to transfer your old data, do so right then. Setup Assistant will only run once, and if you quit it you'll have to use Migration Assistant instead. The advantage of SA over MA is that the former does not create a second new user account, while MA does.
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    I figured that would be the answer - just did not want to hear it!

    thanks for your help.