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My Magic Mouse becomes very jittery and sluggish at times. It will bet working fine and then out of nowhere start lagging while I'm moving it around. I connect my older Mighty Mouse and it works fine with no sluggishness.

My system:
OSX 10.6.6
Mac Pro 8-Core (first gen)

I've heard of bluetooth connectivity problems but this is only happening with the Magic Mouse so I wasn't sure if that meant it's not a BT problem.

  • captfred Level 7 Level 7
    I'd try a few things.

    Clean the laser and sensor areas with a Q-tip to ensure a clear signal.
    Change the Make/style of batteries. Some don't make good connections, especially some rechargeables.
    And last, add the mouse to favorites in System Preferences > Bluetooth > Highlight the mouse in the left panel > click the gear icon > check "show more info" if not already checked > check "add to favorites".

  • 1957Goldtop Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks... I did everything you said and still no luck. I even switched the bluetooth antenna as described here with no luck:

    So, now I'm looking to buy a bluetooth adaptor. I can't believe how much of a challenge it's been to find one locally (in San Francisco no less). Every bluetooth adaptor I find isn't supported by the Mac. It looks like I'm going to have to order one on line. Any recommendations?
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    Same problem! Very annoying, its allmost like the CPU is working like crazy. Which it not the case.

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    Getting the same (or very similar) using a Magic Mouse on a Mac Mini and a MBP, USB Mouse is OK (so nothing wrong on the Host end); also some times the Blue Tooth keyboard is very slow and repeats keys; to me it looks like some form of external radio interference rather than a hardware fault.

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    Getting the same problem on both my trackpad and mouse. Very annoying since I spent well over $100 for them. Not sure what to do. I'm sure I will get the mouse and trackpad replaced by Apple, but the problem is obviously not the mouse or trackpad. It's the bluetooth connection that is very weak.


    I'm using a MacBook Pro 15" by the way.

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    I've found that when a trackpad gets jittery that simply wiping it off restores function. Also try moving your finger to another area of the trackpad and see if that helps. If it does, it is simply a little bit of sweat (invisible) causing the issue. Wipe it off with a dry cloth and all should be well.HTH

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    If you are talking about moving/tracking the curser, I suggest try a different surface or surface colour for your trackpad. I have a light coloured wood grained keyboard tray in my desk. Most any laser mouse device hates it. I put a sheet of white paper underneath and the mouse is much happier.


    If the problem is scrolling, I have no answers and am looking for one myself.



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    I just found out that if your mouse isn't within 2 feet of your computer, the Bluetooth gets fuzzy.  I just bought an external display for my MacBook Pro, and if I put my laptop next to my desk the my Mighty Mouse doesn't work 100%.  This is a stupid problem, my Playstation 3 will pick up a mouse from 3 rooms away.

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    Had this very same problem. Yesterday fine, today couldn't get my cursor to draw a smooth left to right line on the same mousepad I've always used. Cursor leaped and jumped about. I took the batteries out, reseated them. Took a q-tip and cleaned the laser area thoroughly. Put it back together, worked great again. Then as a test, took the mouse about 15 feet away and scrolled this web page up and down, so if you hear bluetooth on macs has a 2 ft. radius, well don't believe everything you hear.

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    I was having terrible connectivity issues with my wireless mouse and keyboard.   I read somewhere WiFi and Bluetooh share a similar frequency.   I don't know if that's true or not, but I moved my router a few feet away from my Macbook (it was right next to it before) and the problem was solved - wireless peripherals work great.   It's an easy fix and definitely worth a shot.

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    Try turning off your wifi. If that solves the problem create a 5GHz wifi connection

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    I was having a similar issue - the mouse cursor kept jittering around, even when I wasn't touching the mouse. I tried everything in this thread - cleaning, different surfaces, changing batteries, moving it closer and further away, etc. Then I realized I had forgotten to unplug a different optical mouse. Once I unplugged it, the jitters stopped.


    In addition to making sure you don't have other mouse tracking devices plugged in, check the list of connected Bluetooth devices to ensure your computer isn't accepting input from another mouse somewhere else.