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  • adityabagve Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, thanks guys, but issue not resolved yet. I have changed the security settings from WPA to WPA2 and WEP, reduced beacon to 50, fixed 802.11 at g from b+g+n, increased the brightness of ipad, switched of location and join network switch. Still no use.


    Mike you are saying the problem is with wireless n routers but apple's own airport express is an n router, right?


    vkv, thanks for the link, i checked those issues and one of them was very close but a bit different since it occurs when power is connected to the device. Mine is definetely not dependent on power. I will switch the idle/sleep time to never but you really don't want to do that since its not the right solution

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    Just to add to the survey:  iPad 2 solved connection problems with Airport Extreme by using WPA2 and switching to a 20+ character password, from a 10-character.  Connection is solid.

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    first the mic recording of the ipad 2, then wifi issues... i stay in front of my router... and wifi signals crash!!! im about to throw my pad, i cant belive it apple ... so sad :(

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    Too bad. I and many others made it work by assigning a static IP address on the iPad.

    I used an IP address at the upper range of my router back home.

    I did nothing with my router nor the other devices such as Windows XP, Windowx Vista, Windows 7, Macbook,

    iPhone (works well strangely enough) and HTC Wildfire.

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    Same issue here .. Wi-fi connected but no internet/ movies don't stream etc.

    I use airplane on/off and it works again .

    I have intermittent disconnection with a number of Apple devices (Ipad1 / Ipad 2 / Iphone 4s ).

    It's quite clear that Apple  technology has  a problem with my router ( netgear DGN 1000)

    We need a fix!

  • Otto Jankes Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPad is 6 months old, worked beautifully in every way up until two days ago when the Internet started dropping off randomly.  Seems like it just turns off on its own for abount a minute a time, about every 5 mins or so.  The wifi bars vanish then come back on after a minute or two, sometime blink on and off a few time in less than a minute.


    It's completely maddening! The device is nearly useless.  And maddening!


    I haven't changed anything in my house. I work from a home office so I'm here all day, working online, and on a VoIP phone, no issues so I know it's just my iPad.


    I was so happy to see a software update was available this morning but it didn't fix the problem. (extra nice when the device is reminding you that you need an Internet connection to get the update, and you're sitting 3' from your perfectly functioning wireless router...)


    What the ****???  Is it mechanical?  Am I going to have to go to the apple store to get it fixed? None of the suggestions I've tried have worked. 

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    The problem with this thread is that it isn't about one issue:  it's about 100 different issues that have similar symptoms.  Based on what you described, while it is possible that your iPad has flaked out, it is just as possible that your wi-fi access point is failing.  The other devices you have described as working without a problem do not sound like wi-fi devices.  Do you have a different access point you can try out to see what happens?

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    I have an ipad 2 which is 4 months old and drops the wifi all the time. I bought the ipad to view e-mails and get onto the internet, neither of which is possible. Apple need to sort out the problem. I am at the stage where I want to send it back and buy another tablet without these problems.

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    I phoned apple who told me it was a problem with my router so I tried on another router new provider and the same problem. The ipad is not performing the way it has been advertised.

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    Just clarifying that I work wirelessly from my laptop, on a website, all day long, no connection issues.

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    If your router supports it then change the password to WPA2 Personal. It might help. My brother's netgear router has that option and i face no problem in his house. My wifi problems have also decreased after some changes suggested in this forum. Look at page 100-1



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    Does no one read? All this has been covered in this thread. Here is the TLDR version: turn off all encryption, QoS, DHCP and lock the router into G-only then see if it still has problems. If the problem goes away then work your steps backwards until you break it again.


    If that fails then try an Apple Airport router (go to an Apple store if you don't want to buy one) and test your dl speeds. If it is still slow then you have a bad iPad. If it speeds up then you have one of the cursed iPads that requires special router settings.

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    Thx for taking time out of your busy day to be a wise guy, so helpful.


    Why do I need to frig with my perfectly functioning wireless router?  It seems illogical that I should need to change its settings when everything was working fine up until 3 days ago.  What changed?  Did Apple fairies break into my house and muff up my router settings to wreck the performance of my iPad?


    (no need to respond with more helpfulness TheDr, or insults, folks are just looking for help with their iPads.  Suggest you unsubscribe from this thread.)

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    As well, I think registering the wifi problem with Apple Support on this board is important, if pointless.

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    As a computer tech, for a company to say the problem is the router when it worked for many months before and then to all of a sudden STOP working and yet other devices which are wireless including other APPLE products and say, it is your router, go get APPLE's router is very lame. I had my first iPad 1 for over a year with no issues or problems.  I had iPad 2 for 6 months with again, no problems.  It worked on many wifi's with not one issue.  My screen was cracked and Apple replaced it with I am sure a refurb.  The very day I bought it home, I have had issues.  I have done all the suggestions on this thread and it still drops the signal and No I am not going out to by an APPLE router. The issues is the iPad or the OS.  Not the router.  Plan and simple.  I have worked in computers since 1990 and I can tell you, this is a major issue that Apple needs to address.  I love the iPad and iPhone but tech support and addressing problems is not something Apple is great for.