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    What brand of router you installed you fine with your iPad 2? and it changes you did to the router to make it faster?

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    Had this issue - first thing was I had to change my wireless router to disable 802.1n aggregation.  That improved things a lot but it would still drop the connection regularly.  Then I came across a post somewhere suggesting to turn off auto brightness and set brightness to mid-range.  Sounds stupid, I know, but my ipad wireless is working perfectly now!  Funny - I had noticed that it was even worse when I was using late at night and also would crap out when I moved from room to room - my guess is that as it auto adjusts brightness for changing ambient light, the frequency of screen light eventually sweeps across a range that causes interference.  Hope this helps.

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    I, and most of the people around me, are having the same problem with any IOS 6 device. 2 days ago our wifi quit logging on to our own wifi. Both my 4s and ipad 3 will drop wifi randomly and pop up with the login screen and it will say success. I have had IOS 5 iphones log onto my wifi, and laptops too, without changing settings.. And they work fine. *** apple.. My idevices are about to be artificial reefs.. RIP Steve Jobs.. Your company is being ran into the ground.

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    I was having very similar random wifi problems with the connection dropping or showing connected but not working or really slow. Tried all the restart and ipad  restart router forget network suggestions nothing worked for my ipad 2 or ipad3. Then I uninstalled google chrome and gmail now no problems at all. I've gone from want to smash them both to loving them. Hope this helps.

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    My Mum had the same problem as soon as she Bought her iPhone 4, she bought that approximately March 2012, Under iOS 5, soon updated to iOS 5.1., and not long after the iPhone 4S came out. It Still has that problem today (30 Dec 2012)

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    Thank-you for this, Viewing this certificate, paired with this Movie that I Received  in a Newsletter, This Makes a lot more sense

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    Hello to all,


    I resolved the wifi issue by disabling the QOS (giving priority to media file) of my router. Then both our iPad 2 are working again like a charm.


    Hope this help.


    Still I believe it is a software issue that apple must resolve.



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    After almost 2 years and 108 pages of discussions there doesn't seem to be a solution for this issue.  Has anyone heard from Apple about this issue?

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    As I mentioned, after months of nothing, one day mine started working again. My wife had it with her in France for a month and she brought it back without the wi fi working again. I spent most of yesterday and today getting it to work again. All I can say is I reset the iPad, turned off Bluetooth, let the battery drain to under 70% and the shout it down. When I started her up the wi fi was no longer greed out. I turned it on and here we are. I am not sure if that stuff had anything to do with it but I do know none of the other methods fixed it.


    Good luck.

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    No, Apple has never acknowledged a problem.  I've battled it on and off for a year and a half with an iPad2


    I recently upgraded to the iPad4 (latest Retina with Lightning connector). Their literature touts improved WiFi capabilities.  It worked flawlessly for a week, so I thought they'd fixed the issue!


    Then it started acting up this past weekend.  Suddently it could no longer load a website, despite showing full "bars" on the WiFi indicator. Sitting in the same location at the same time accessing the SAME website on my Google Nexus 7 tablet and my Android RAZR M phone I had NO problems.


    When two Android devices work flawlessly ALL THE TIME and the Apple devices work 70% of the time, WHO has a problem??  If it wasn't for ONE killer app I use heavily, I'd dump Apple in a heartbeat.  I will continue to lobby the developer to port to Android so I no longer have to put up with this crap.

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    Not that I know of yet. My iPad 2 was fine until just recently (about 4 or 5 days) ago. Now if I leave it in sleep mode with smart cover for awhile then I try to use it I have no wifi. I go to settings and select my network but nothing happens.


    I then power it off and wait about 3 minutes and when it reboots it has the wifi working and connected to my network.


    Very strange that this happened just recently after working fine since new.

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    Whole issue is beyond a joke, have 2 IPads a 1 and a 2, and 2iPhone 4s all of them show the wireless icon being on full bars, yet cannot connect to the Internet, sometimes in network settings the router hub is showing, other times just states 'not connected' and then the 'cant join network' message panel appears.


    Bought a brand new MacBook Air for Christmas, same frigging issue with that too! Ended up having to contact Apple Care team via my 9 year olds £125 net book that uses Windows 7, as you can guess this has no issues at all with wireless connectivity! Just given up now and run the MacBook off of thunderbolt cable another £25 spent just so I can use the **** thing.

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    It looks to me that you purchased five Apple products that don't work. Why should Apple spend the money to sell good products when they have customers like you that are willing to buy their crap time after time?

    I have an IPad2 that has has wifi connection problems for two years and Apple has done NOTHING to address them. What makes you think things will change now?

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    Thanks for your reply Joseph, Problems with iPads and MacBook have only been occurring since last weekend, so until that point everything has been pretty much ok.


    I have updated the software on the Sky + box as was having wireless issues with that too...and requested a firmware update from BT for the router, currently all devices are back up and running.


    Not sure if this has fixed permanently only time will tell I guess.

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    My ipad 2 will only connect to the internet at my works office on occasion, when it does not work it constantly refreshes and connects with the symbol showing but the internet will still not connect then after a while disappears. On some days however it will just connect and I have no issue with it all day, does anyone know of a reason it only works occasionally? I have tried forgetting the network, turning ipad on and off, forgetting all wifi connections and reseting. None of which seem to work, any help would be greatly appreciated!