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    I had been having intermittent wifi connectivity problem with my ipad2 since two years. Had tried all sorts of adjustments but  without buying a new router. Finally after going through all blogs and tips I tried something which I am describing below which really helped. I don't have wifi issue now.

    Changed my BT wifi security settings to WPA2. It was defaulted to WPA and WPA 2 which is probably a more modern security but does not match well with ipad2 I guess. Changed my dns in wifi settings to which is google DNS and changed my search domain to

    I don't know what contributed most but I guess changing the wifi security settings most likely did.

    Wanted to share this with the community having ipad2 wifi issues.



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    this is a sad thread -- you think apple would admit they have a problem and come up with a fix . So much wasted time and effort

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    Everybody should understand that, if Apple did not so far to correct this wifi issue, that could be because this is not not a Software problem, but Hardware. If that is true, Apple will never replace every Ipad in the world. I really gave up of trying to find a solution for this Wifi problem. I have other Android tablet, Galaxy S3 and also an Ipad 2 in my home and that wifi problem only happens with the Ipad.


    Apple Support team, please say something to help your customers!

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    I've had ipad2 intermittent wi fi issues for the last six months.  Apple replaced my iPad, BT reset my router and have tried changing channels... All to no avail.   I have just bought the new BT home hub 4 to try and resolve this problem.  It has been installed a week and so far no more drop outs!   Quietly hoping this has resolved this very irritating and frustrating problem!

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    Yes ,I would expect you would be free from the problem again. I am no computer geek but I suspect ipad2 may have a hardware issue connecting with a lot of routers and BT hub 4 may be one which it connects well with. In that case you might have the simplest solution for the ipad2 problem at least for customers in UK!

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    I have been an apple fan since the ipad came out. I have an ipad 2 and loved it till about a year ago. My wifi only works on my ipad when I'm 2 feet from The router. If I go anywhere else in my house it does not work. It use to pick up wifi from my college and now it doesn't pick up wifi unless I'm directly by their router. I'm fed up with apple. I should have took my $1000 and bought 3 Samsung tablets at least I knew my wifi would work. Apple you need to fix this issue. This is not a hardware issue this is a software issue. I have tried all everything: resetting the ipad, clear history and cookies, you name it i have done and NOTHING works. FIX THIS APPLE!!!!

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    give up....Apple will NEVER fix this nor wil they EVER acknowledge the problem in the first place....


    Or buy one more piece of Apple junk - an Airport Express - connect that directly to your existing router and connect your iPad to the Airport Express - don't let your iPad try and connect to your router.


    So, go buy the Airport Express, try it for a few days, and if it fails return it for a full refund.


    Don't feel guilty about doing that - why should you given that Apple has deliberately ripped you off anyway.


    Also try this - in the Apple Store, as the 'genius' about iPad 2 wifi problems - see what they say - I bet they claim ignorance....incredible...


    Good luck....

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    I agree with Jason. Apple Airport express may help.

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    Solved here! :)


    After reading all the posts especially Dinakar1965's and Help ma Boab, I decided to to investigate my router.


    We've recently got the new dual frequency BTHomeHub4. When looking through the settings everything apart from my IPad was connected to 2.4GHz and my iPad was on 5GHz. I've disabled the 5GHz and my iPad is now working again.


    Hope this helps someone else as I was ready to throw my iPad against the wall! I had 3 bars on the wifi icon on my iPad but could not access the Internet or any of my apps.

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    I actually don't understand how this is "solved". Do people never take their iPad outside their home?


    What about work, trains, cafe's, libraries, public hotspots?


    I rarely use my iPad IN my home, I use it as a portable device.


    The solution needs to be a setting on the iPad itself, not my home router.

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    I agree.  My ipad only works when I'm at home near my router.  I went to a friend's house and it works when I'm sitting next to their router.  I go to school,  restaurants,  and other places that has wifi and my ipad will not even pick it up. 

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    The AirPort router, even if it does solve the issue is not a fix. That only solves the problem in your own household. If most people are like me, they use the iPad elsewhere more often then at home. If apple would allow you to roll-back their updates it may help. There have been times when my wifi was working just fine but after an update it has issues. A future update eventually fixes the issue.

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    Si Apple no lanza un update en las próximas semanas, tiro el iPad al zafacón y me compro una GAlaxy Tab 3 de 10.

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    Yes. I see this is dated 2011 but have only just experienced the prob.

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    Just updated to ios 7 today but the wifi problem is still there. Anyone else having the same problem?