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    I'm from Australia.


    I have had wifi issues for the last couple of months, only noticed because I was chewing up my cell data at a quick rate.


    Have played with the router in everyway possible way. All other devices in my house connect well, but my Ipad will only connect within about a foot of my router. I then paired it to my phone, it connected when close, but as soon as I move away it drops out.


    Tested at a mates house with his router, same deal. Works if real close, move away it dissapears.


    My next thought was that it could be the antenna?


    So I pair the ipad to the iphone via bluetooth, same issue. Pairs when close, move devices apart and it loses connection.


    Is my next logical step to get the wifi/bluetooth antenna replaced. Must say the process does not look easy :-(



    I don't suppose Apple are going to help me much when the unit is out of warranty.

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    I have the same problem with an iMac as the iPads but not with a iPhone 5 both on ios 7

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    Here's OUR variation to this issue which Apple obviously considers "minor:"


    We have an iPad2 and have been connecting fine to an ATT DSL modem for the last couple years.


    We switched to Time Warner Cable modem and our iPad2 won't connect. "Unable to join network."


    Before we get a "it's the modem" answer, keep in mind that we've successfully joined the cable modem wifi with two android phones and two windows PC's.


    This means that no, we will NOT change router settings in order to make the iPad work.


    We'll contact Apple and TWC support tomorrow.

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    Good luck with that! :-)


    Look at the size of this thread - 113 pages...Apple will never admit there is a problem


    Trust me, give up and buy an airport express - connect that by wire to your router and via wifi connect your ipad2 to the airport express - if this doesn't work, return the airportexpress for a full refund


    ....and never, ever, ever buy apple again...


    (let's see how long this post lasts)



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    yeah, i will look like an ***, but my problem was solved.


    I checked my phone a few minutes ago and noticed it wasn't connected to the TWC wifi after all. neither was the other phone. And I couldn't get them connected.


    I turned the modem off for a couple minutes, turned it back on, and all the devices are now connected to the wifi.


    Including the iPad.


    Good night.

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    I have been having issues with my IPad 2 holding a wi-fi connection for months. We even spent $70 on a new cable modem thinking that was the problem (nope!). We got a a new Mac and that has no connection issues, yet the IPad  still loses connection mutiple times an hour. This is just ridiculous. After seeing so many other people complaining about the problem for so long with no solutions from Apple and all of the money all of us pump into that company and they show the consumer no respect in return- I don't think I will ever waste my money on an Apple product again. 

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    Lying in bed with my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, all iOS7, and 1 bar on iPad but full 4 on iPhone. Draytek AP800 wifi access point in room below my bed.

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    this is a serious problem reported by many people!! What Apple is doing to solve it?

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    pigi ipad wrote:


    this is a serious problem reported by many people!! What Apple is doing to solve it?

    It is many different problems reported by a smaller number of peple than you think (quite a few people posted multiple times). Some people's problems were easily solved by basic troubleshooting, other people had more complex issues and some people had hardware issues (either the device, or the router or both). You'll have to to a little work to determine what your issue is. I recommend you start your own thread with a properly descriptive subject line. Anything in this thread wil get lost in the noise.


    Best of luck.

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    I had issues with my wifi after I updated to iOS 7, but this worked for me:

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    Ok so had a Genius appointment today, In Australia we get a 2 year warranty but even that expired in May this year. They agreed with me that it is likely a fault with the wifi/bluetooth antenna. Can't be fixed according to the "Genius", even though a look on youtube says differently. Only option now is to pay apple $269 for a replacment, Ipad 2, 32G, 3G.


    Got all sorts of warning not to get it fixed by someone else.


    Now I have a delimma?

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    Since I updated to IOS 6 this **** problem remains and as we can't downgrade I'm having the same issue and I never can find apple talking about this issue. I hope to get it fixed but looks like a series error production without recall. This way is very easy to earn money I bought wifi only model and sometimes it's working as a very expensive photo frame or a big Useless for web IPod

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    I had a similar problem. I bought an Ipad 2 in June 2011 and in January 2013 I started to notice intermitent Wifi problems whereby the signal would drop out, but then come back.


    This situation got progressively worse over the next few months and as the Ipad was out of warranty I started to do some web research. I was quite surprised at the amount of people apprarently facing the same issue as myself and I have tried most of the things suggested (reset network settings, change security on router, restart router etc) and even wiped it and set up as a new device.


    Each time I tried something it usually worked for a bit but got progressively worse until the wifi became unusable (and therefore the IPad was fairly useless). The only connectivity I could get was to use a personal hotspot with my Iphone 5, but connecting via Bluetooth and not Wifi.


    This week I went to my nearest Apple shop in London and met a 'genius'. Having explained my situation the woman said that my Ipad was out of warranty but because of 'British consumer law' she would check with her manager to see if it could be replaced. The manager said yes straight away and I was given a brand new Ipad 2 as a replacement. I'd love to know which aspect of 'British consumer law' applied to my case because as far as I am aware, the Sale of Goods Act only applies to goods sold up to a year before... so my advice, at least to anyone in the UK with this problem is to take your ipad back to an Apple shop...


    Message was edited by: verygod (removed date of legislation as not sure of year!)

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    Many WiFi routers are set to Auto to find a non-congested channel (1,6,11) this presents a problem if you are in an area that has a lot of WiFi signals being received. I recommend finding the least congested channel and shutting off auto and assigning your WiFi Access Point to one of those channels.