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  • padtappa Level 1 (0 points)

    I posted and suffered over this issue when I first upgraded to ipad 2 from ipad 1. My problem was adhoc connections dropping, which the ipad 1 had functioned perfectly fine on the same exact network setup. I waited for a fix, but they only finally partially fixed it. I still got intermittent behavior but I could at least connect for longer periods without too many drops using the osc lemur app. Now with whatever change they made to the operating system it is unusable again.  I will not get a new one, and I will never purchase apple again personally.   It seems like a forced upgrade policy to me, "buy our fancy air crap routers" is all they have to say to answer for themselves. You want a usb port?, buy our piece of crap 50 dollar adapter that'll break in a month. Want to copy things to it? NO FOLDER STRUCTURE FOR YOU!!!! Apple, your slick gadget monopoly is at it's end! I HATE YOU!!!!. There, I feel a bit better now, sorry for that.

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    This post is on point.  I don't think that the problem is with Apple, it is with Time Warner.


    My situation:  Brand new IPone 5s and IPAD intermittantly would not connect to my Time Warner WiFi channel.  I called Time Warner and explained that only my Apple products were having problems.  My Windows lap top and Android phone did not have any connections problems. 


    The Time Warner representative explained that for customers using Apple Products, the reps have to find a none congested channel to put my WiFi on.  She said, if she did not permanently set me on a channel that had "very few users" on it, my Apple products would intermittantly always lose WiFi.  


    So, she set my WiFi on a none congested channel,  So far, it is working.   Now, WiFi works on all my devices.  I will keep my fingers crossed.  The fixed just happened today.  I will see what happens in the next few weeks -- if the fix remains fixed.

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    I have solved my problem.  I went to idoctors here in town and they charged me $110 but NY problem is fixed.  It has something to do with the wifi ribbon something was loose is why it wasn't picking up.  My ipad signal is stronger than ever and it's picking up again.  I feel like i shouldn't have had to spend anything but it saved me $400 from getting a samsung tablet.  Hope this helps someone.

  • my ipad 2 ***** Level 1 (0 points)

    also the problem remained. i have ios7 before leaving philippines and i still had same issues there and here. there are more people like us. i was just too **** lazy to signup and make a post in these forums.

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    I just want to add that after 4 years of ownership, my ipad2 will suddenly only see a network if it is within a foot of a modem/router. Otherwise, it is as if there is no network anywhere.  Of course, every other device apple and not works fine, and I have gone to other networks with no luck.  I have tried every single trick I can find online. Yesterday I called apple support, and the first person I spoke to was very nice and sent me to talk to a supervisor.  He was rude and called me ridiculous for expecting Apple to help me with a problem with a device that was 900 days out of warranty.  He quoted $309 to have it fixed, which is 75% of the price of a new, up to date, mini.  And, we all know that the next ios version will likely render this ipad2 obsolete as the last one did to the ipad1s.  In my opinion, they are forcing us to upgrade.  Sadly, this is the norm with electronics, I guess, as the same thing as happened with my kids nintendo stuff, etc.  Also, sadly, I am likely to do so.  In addition, I reset my network, so my printer will not work now with my iMac.  I followed the first associate's advice and did a complete wipe out and restore, and now none of my kindle stuff is on there at all even, so I can't even use the device as an ereader.  The second call gave me a different supervisor who was much nicer, but he did suggest I go to a store and see if they could be more helpful as his hands were tied.

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    I have had the same problem with an iPad 2 and an iPad air which I now own. iPads have had the same wifi problem since the iPad 2 and Apple will not admit this. My wifi connection will switch off randomly by itself and streaming any video content is a nightmare, it will either disconnect every few minutes or run very slowly that it has to buffer every few seconds. In my house there are two iPhone 5's which work perfectly and so does every other wifi device. There is clearly something wrong with the way the iPad's wifi has been designed.


    I have spoken to apple support twice now and none of their suggestions seem to work or they only fix the issue for a couple of days then it's starts up again. In the end they all basically just say to me is "what do you want me to say" which is not the answer I'm looking for.


    The only reason I keep buying iPads is because my media library is in Apples iCloud which can't be accessed on other platforms but at this stage enough is's time to get an Android. I have used a Google Nexus in the past and the wifi was super fast and reliable.

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    Richith, I completely agree with your post.


    My iPad2 worked completely fine as far as finding/joining Wifi connections up until the iOS 6 update. After this it only recognizes & connects to home network (because I am almost sitting on top of router) I have tried every possible fix I could find online, achieving no success:-(  I figured that I'd wait it out for updates and/or possible fix, but even now with iOS 7 update I still cannot pickup/join any wifi networks. Funny thing is, it almost always shows me available locked Wifi connections. I wonder why this is?


    I am really hoping that Apple (I've always had such good experiences with them in the past and have found that they stand behind their products, in addition to treating customers fairly) will take a closer look into why so many people are experiencing the EXACT same dilemma with IPad 2 after one of their updates. I own numerous Apple products but would be discouraged in buying more in future if they are going to start ignoring customer issues and/or try and redirect blame when something is clearly their fault;-)

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    See this thread.....however if this is everyone's problem, you are not going to like the fix:


  • Oktay74 Level 1 (0 points)

    (You are right aroy588)


    I had the same issue with frequent WiFi interruptions, and not only on the iPAD but on MacBook too.

    After all the "useless" settings suggestions for Channel change, Reset settings etc. , finally I found the reason:


    The old Sky Broadband modem-router supports ONLY 802.11 b/g .


    After iOS7 update, the WiFi on Apple devices become unstable.

    Therefore, disabled the WiFi on the modem, and connected another router with 802.11 g/n to the Ethernet of the modem.


    Everything works perfectly fine now!

    Botom line:


    iOS7 has got an issue with the 802.11g mode!!!

    (Hope someone from Apple will get this tip to fix it. )

  • SudoICE Level 1 (0 points)

    Same symptoms, would see AP but not connect.  It would connect while the iPad was directly beside the AP.  I replaced the wifi anteanna without success.  Then I ordered a used wifi card for my iPad 2 which was very hard to find.  That fixed it!


    If you are lucky enough to find one for sale, consider replacing the batteries, digitizer, anteanna cable, bezel, or anything else you might need while you are in there.

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