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Can documents on Google docs be imported to Numbers? If so, can someone help me with the server address. I have tried several URL's but receive an error each time attempting to import through the WebDAV utility. Thanks.

iPad, iOS 4
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    I've spent two weeks tring to get anything to work on my iPad for editing my resume. I've tried a number of other programs and tried google docs directly in safari and down loaded pages. Nothing works right. Editing a resume from the cloud shouldnbe the easiest thing to do on an iPad. It is the reason I bought it. However I have yet to be able to apply to a job using this. After two weeks I ready to sell it and buy a net book. It really blows that you can't just hook up an external hardrive and import that way.

    So can anybody tell me also, how to get docs into pages or a better word-process on the iPad so I can edit and email my resume fast?
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    I just started researching this myself today. So far the only solution I've found has been through an app called iSMEStorage: (iTunes) http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ismestorage/id359916522?mt=8 (Company) http://smestorage.com/?p=static&page=iphone

    While not a free solution, it will provide a WebDav URL (they call their product CloudDav), with which you can interface Google Docs - amongst other cloud services.

    I have NOT tried this myself yet, so I make no promises. I'm still doing some more research before committing to an intermediary service.

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    Thanks. I can email a workbook to myself from Google docs and then open it in email then open the attachment with Numbers, so I can work with the sheets, but can't seem to get there from the Numbers app itself.
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    I've used this. It works fine for Google Docs (and also other clouds incidentally - I also use it with SkyDrive).
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    I'm using dropbox.com.
    1- Set up a FREE account at dropbox.com
    2- Next go to dropdav.com and enable webdav by logging in to your dropbox account you just created
    3- From your macbook or desktop system DL the dropbox app for Mac (or PC if you're a SAD PC user)
    4- Now you can put word or pages documents in the cloud using dropbox
    5- from your iPad you can now access dropbox via the webdav selection in Pages.
    6- Server info for dropbox will be emailed to you as soon as you build your account in step 1 & 2

    Very easy to use once you've set it up.

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    Another option which I use is use the GoDocs app which connects to Google Docs. From there you can open files in Numbers.

    It should be noted that Google Docs does not support WebDav currently which is why you cannot connect directly with numbers.
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    There's this nice little app called DAV-Pocket Lab... here's a link: http://dav-pocket.appspot.com/

    all you need to do, is to create an account, authorize it to access your google docs, and viola. you can get your google docs via web dav right from within the app.


    They also claim that you can update the docs (by saving to a web dav) but i haven't tried it... so i don't know if it works.


    one little thing though, when i first accessed my docs, they were all grayed out (numbers couldn't open them) that's because it relays on the file extension to identify it as openable\editable... so just rename the file, add it a '.doc' or '.xls' or what ever extension it suppose to be, and it'll work like a charm!


    Hope this helps...

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    WebDav Connect


    Use server name: http://dav-pocket.appspot.com/docs/

    name and password: your google account information



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    Hello everyone

    I was checking your information about this and wonder if new things came up. I am using iCloud and enjoy that my iPhone and MacBook has the latest version of the documents I am working on. Dream come true would be to add a non Mac user person that has Google Docs and not only share my numbers document, but also continue to have the latest version.


    Is that possible?

    I was about to try that out by simply sharing the document using WebDav thing, and found my first obstacle: how do I connect to my google docs using WebDAV? What should the address be?


    Maybe I have 2 different issues, but in my mind one should complement the other.

    Would be grateful to ear your thoughts.


    Best regards


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    WebDav Connect

    As with dot blu's post, WebDav works for me with the same settings and no other app installed to accomplish the connect within pages.


    Slow and only one at a time... would be nice if there were some way to select multiple files or a folder for download.


    Beverly Howard