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    I have been talking with apple tech support since I bought my ipad2 and that was because my iPad 2 worked for half a day mirroring everything I played back. My tv has always worked in hdmi with my MacBook, and still does! But when hdmi mirroring stopped working after that day, I got them to first replace my hdmi adapter. That did not work. Then the local Apple store said it was time to try a replacement iPad 2. That made absolutely no difference either. Both my original purchase and the replacement iPad 2 worked with their Sharp demo tv at the Apple Store, but not in my house with my Akai tv. But my tv works perfectly with HD signals from my MacBook with it's Hdmi adapter. SO WHATj GIVES APPLE????? This is only too frUstrating. Can anyone Apple employee help? And I'm in the HDMI business configuring professional video HDMI displays every week!


    H Clark



    MacBook Pro

    iPad 2

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    I was having some issues as well with getting HDMI video out on my iPad2 using the Apple adapter.  It worked once the other day the first time I tried it, but then last night it failed to generate video, although audio was working.  Tried all sorts of cable voodoo but nothing seemed to work.  ( Yet I knew the cable path was all good since plugging into the PS3 worked fine ).


    Then earlier, I was "cleaning up my applications", that is, double-clicked the button, and held on the running apps so I could kill off some.  Had it connected to my HDMI monitor while I was doing this, and after I deleted a couple of running apps, voilla, video suddenly appears on my monitor.  Huh?


    So I tried replicating this behavior, to see if I could perhaps nail down some offending app.  I got it back in a state where it wouldn't feed video ( killing some apps, letting it go to sleep when feeding, then waking it up, and/or disconnecting/reconnecting the cable seems to have this effect ).  Then I started up the apps I killed off, and then started killing them again, 1 by 1, and no appreciable effect.  Frustrating.  Then tried this and that for a bit, restarted it, etc.  No good.  Then decided to just start running a bunch of my usual apps, and see what happens. About my 8'th or 9'th app, voilla again, video snaps on.


    So the bottom line seems to be, starting/killing apps can have some sort of effect ( the dark side of multi-tasking? ).  Try either going in and deleting some running apps or running more ( 9 seems to be some magic number for me ) and see if that doesn't bring your video back from the abyss.


    - Howard -

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    I've tried everything on this iPad2 and hdmi adaparter...can only get sound...even tried switching betwee pal + ntsc on video out in the preferences...nada..nothing..zilch......also tried killing some of the apps (all of them)....nothing....can mirror anything...not even the home screen....the second most valued company on this planet is disappointing me

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    I tried to mirrow on 2 different tv's without any results.  Took my Ipad2 to Best Buy and they found no problems.  Put on my 75 year old thinking cap and decided it may be my hdmi cable.  Bought a new and more expensive hdmi cable, took it home, hooked it up and the mirrowing function worked like a charm. Who would thought the problem was a cheap cable?

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    it only works on 1080p, if your proyector or HDTV only outputs up to 1080i (or 720p) it work work, you'll only hear audio

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