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Hi, I'm trying to allow my brother to chuck items into my drop box on the same home wireless network. His icon appears on my list of shared in a finder window and I was able to drop into his drop box no problem as a guest. but when he tries to access mine as guest it comes back as connection failed.

This is odd as file sharing is on and guest account can access shared folders as default. This led me to believe that it is due to filevault as shared folder is in my home. Mac help says, "Because your home folder is encrypted, some tasks that normally access your home folder may be prevented. [for example] If you’re not logged in to your computer, other users won’t have access to shared folders in your home folder".

But I'm logged in and it still doesn't work!!

Thanks for your help in advance.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    do you have the firewall turned on on your computer?
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    Firewall is on. Under advanced it shows that file sharing (AFP) is to allow incoming connections.

    Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connection is active, and stealth mode is de-active.

    I also just tried to create a separate account for my bro with password but this also failed in his connecting dialogue. My public folder allows everyone to Write Only (Drop Box) and this has been applied to enclosed items too. No joy!
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    Have you tried turning the firewall off?
    In System Preferences, Sharing, File Sharing:
    Under options, is AFP file sharing checked?
    On the list of "shared folders:" is your public folder listed?
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    Firewall being on shouldn't be a problem as all incoming connection using AFP is green light authorised, designed so that I don't need to switch it on/off all the time.

    AFP file sharing is checked and public folder is displayed on my list of shared folders.. I am authorised to read write, everyone is authorised to write only (drop box) and these permissions have been applied to enclosed items.

    I strongly think it's to do with FireVault unless you have any other ideas. To make sure I rebooted the computer several times after making these changes, although you shouldn't really need to.
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    What if the firewall is malfunctioning? Could it then cause such an issue? The only way to rule out the firewall as not the source of the issue is to disable it, and test.
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    Just tried it, no luck.
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    When you create the 2nd account for your brother; What type of account did you chose? (standard, access, admin, managed)

    How is he trying to connect to the computer? (side bar, Network, connect to)

    Do ether of the computers have an anti virus program or a net monitoring program installed?

    Are they both connect to the network in the same way?
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    I got rid of that account as it didn't solve the problem. But yes, it was sharing only.

    He is trying to connect to the computer from sidebar, network, connect to..

    No third party anti-virus or net monitoring.. entirely factory.

    They are both connected wirelessly the same way.
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    you could try creating a normal account, without file vault. And see if he can log in using that account. I would make the user short with no spaces or caps or special letters.
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    This works, so File Vault is the problem. I've called Apple and they need to think about it.

    Any more than 27 characters for user name causes problems, quoting apple expert.

    Thanks for all your help people.