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  • Almir.R. Level 1 (0 points)
    Dear Apple, there is one thing that MUST work on my iPhone 4: MY ALARM CLOCK. This means:

    1) If Adjust Time Automatically in Settings is switched on, I do not have to EVER restart my iPhone for DST to take effect, which seems to be the only solution to this problem at this time.

    2) A notification that comes at 3am while I sleep from Cupcake Maker app, which my 4 year old may have played on my iPhone just before she went to bed, MUST NOT block my alarm clock. If I forget to close all apps in multi-task menu just before I go to bed, chances are between my bed time and the time I need to wake up one of them will post a notification. Your logic still seems to be that I should wake up at 3am and clear "Cupcake Done" notification for my alarm to work at 7am.

    3) Yes this also applies to Apple's Calendar app. An event reminder should never block my alarm clock.

    4) The only reason my alarm clock should not work is if between my bed and wake-up time my iPhone's battery dies.

    If this means you need to add a separate chip to the iPhone, sole function of which would be to run the Clock app, making the device heavier and thicker -- where can I please trade in my current iPhone for that??? You should see the size of my clock radio that I use for backup. It reminds me of a dialysis machine attached to a patient.

    Now, I know you will delete this, but trust me, that will not make you feel any better. My iPhone did not do its DST thing this morning despite the fact that automatic adjustment was turned on, so I woke up an hour later. I had to reboot the device for this to take effect. If the tone and nature of this post is against your use policy, an app that comes preinstalled and built by Apple on an Apple device called Clock with an Alarm Clock feature should actually do what it claims to do. The fact that 4 years later people are still finding this to be spotty and problematic should at the very least make us even...

    A devout everything-Apple user
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,995 points)
    Almir.R. wrote:
    Dear Apple...

    Eloquently stated, but you are not addressing Apple, and no one at Apple will see this message (except perhaps by accident). This is a user to user forum. To communicate with Apple go to
  • meddy_14 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had the same issue this morning. I went to bed (Sunday, March 13) thinking my iPhone 4 was fine--as it apparently had no trouble adjusting to DST yesterday--only to wake up this morning (Monday, March 14) to find it had reset itself an hour back again, which made me late this morning!

    Any word on why this happened!? Craziness
  • AdmAdan Level 1 (0 points)
    +1 I had the same issue with my 3gs. Yesterday the time was fine, it changed correctly. This morning I woke up to find that it had reverted back 1 hr. My partners iphone 4 was fine though. We're both on 4.2.1. I had to restart my 3gs for it to switch to the appropriate time, I should not have had to do this after the fact.
  • Elainestar Level 1 (0 points)
    Update: I foolishly decided to call AT&T about this issue, since it hasn't been addressed officially nor has it been corrected.

    "Michael" at AT&T knew nothing of this problem. When I explained it, & told him everything I had tried (hard shutdown, reboot; erase iPhone & restore from 3/12 backup; everything else recommended here in these discussions; multiple times, in various configurations), he simply:
    1 -- said no one else is having this problem.
    2 -- read from the manual, "how to change from automatic time setting to manual,"
    4 -- told me there is no problem with DST on iPhones with AT&T,
    5 -- told me it is an APPLE problem.

    I asked him to transfer me to someone who can help, so I was transferred to APPLECARE support.

    That person, "Martel," said the AT&T person gave him no information about my problem. After I explained, again, what was happening, he:

    1 -- said no one else has called with this problem,
    2 -- read from the manual, "how to change from automatic setting to manual,"
    3 -- told me it is a VERIZON issue (I reminded him that AT&T transferred me to him...),
    4 -- told me it is an AT&T issue,
    5 -- told me (this is verbatum) "Sorry, this problem doesn't exist."

    I asked to be transferred to someone who could help, and he switched me back to the AT&T answering system.

    (Lest you think I was angry or mean, you should know I've been a programmer/customer support gal for many years, and I know it's wrong to be angry with the folks who answer the phone. In both cases, I told the guys about these discussions on (neither of them is familiar with these), and I told them it's the fault of their organizations for failing to provide them with current info. Didn't help to be nice, though.)

    (iPhone 3G, 4.2.1, no other equipment or software problems, I'm in Chattanooga, TN, AT&T carrier)
  • Elainestar Level 1 (0 points)
    About reporting the problems to apple feedback -- after you've chosen the product, the form allows such a limited choice of topics and, then, requires the entry of your iMac OS (even though you've chosen the iPhone as the product you're writing about.)
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    I had the same alarm problem.
    I have the recurring alarm (same time every morning)
    Sunday it never went off.
    Monday morning, went off an hour early.
    squinted my eyes to reset my current alarm exactly as I had it; recurring at the same daily time.
    Never went off.
    If you set the alarm to NOT repeat, it will go off.

    So, now I have to remember to turn it on every night?

    (iphone 4)
  • Nonsuch30 Level 1 (0 points)
    I use Rogers in Toronto Canada and called them on Sunday. Went through all of the procedures including Reset - Erase all and Restore to no avail.

    Have discovered that when you are in 'Automatic' Date & Time and turn off 3G the correct time displays. As soon as I select 3G the time appears incorrectly. The same happens on my iPad.

    Went online with Rogers today and they are going to 'escalate' the problem.
  • Elainestar Level 1 (0 points)
    Now that AT&T and AppleCare have both told me "the problem doesn't exist," I feel soooo much better.

    Here's the latest I just saw on the newsletter:

    "iPhone users complain of spring-ahead clock glitch"
  • _NickD_ Level 1 (0 points)
    I had the same issue the way it fixed was i went into maps and made the gps find the phone. The time then changed.
  • CodeBlitz Level 1 (0 points)
    This is the second time the iPhone adjusted for Daily Light Savings Time and then the alarms went off as if the time never changed. My alarm was set for 6am and the iPhone internal clock changed properly last Sunday. This meant everything was in place to work as designed. I even double checked the iPhone clock and alarm to ensure because my loving wife looked me straight in the eye and said "Make sure your alarm is set properly." I did and looked her right back in the eyes and said, Apple is the greatest company on earth and their device is set to go off at 6am tomorrow; my love. She gave me that look of, well I will give you the benefit the doubt this time.

    5 am this morning the alarm woke us both from what I imagine was total Alpha sleep patterns, she basically lost it. I found my self it a near fight for life as pillows and slers were thrown about with the intention of causing me harm.

    Apple, you are a horrible company and are the cause of most domenstic violance in the early morning hours. There, I said it.
  • CodeBlitz Level 1 (0 points)
    I hate to be the one to say this, but maybe your fiance is using a different cell tower behind your back. Just saying, it could be happening. That would explain the time sync difference.
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    I was having the same problem everyone else has outlined; iPhone 4 w/ AT&T that was an hour behind. I tried several things but nothing worked. Also talked with AT&T and they said it was an Apple problem and Apple said it was more than likely an AT&T problem. I am in Chattanooga, TN which is located several miles east of the line for central and eastern time zones.

    As I was reading I noticed that my phone actually had the right time on it. For some reason it just changed on its own. NO CLUE. I still have "Set Automatically" ON. Hope others have similar luck.

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    I have an iPhone 4 32GB on the Rogers network in Canada. My DST was properly updated and maintained. I have had no issue.
  • Sean RB Level 1 (0 points)
    Nonsuch 30,

    I use Rogers in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I have not called Rogers.

    Since Sunday, I have experienced the same problem: Date & Time set to: Set Automatically, yields the time set to one hour earlier than the correct time.

    Since reading your post, I tried what you mentioned about turning off the 3G setting, and have found the exact same thing: When 3G is turned off the time is correct, when switched back on, it reverts back one hour earlier than the proper time.

    This is obviously not a viable solution, neither is running with "Set Automatically" turned off all the time. Seems like it would suggest it's a Rogers problem then?

    I would be very interested to hear the result of Rogers "escalation"?!
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