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    Last year my alarm went off an hour early. The only way to fix it then was to change my weekdays alarm to a different time and the back to my desired time. I was late to work that day. Thanks apple!

    My alarm did not go off at all this morning at all. I did not adjust time of the alarm at all, not knowing about DST going into effect. So, tonight I set a new alarm and left the other alarm untouched to run a little test. I believe the new alarm will work fine but the untouched recuring alarm will not. I was late for work again today. Thanks apple!

    As far as the time changing back and forth Sunday, I can't comment as I didn't notice anything unusual (I didn't know DST went into effect). I also didn't hardly touch my phone that day. 

    I just can't figure out how a $10 walmart alarm clock is more reliable than my $200 iPhone 4. 

    I've been plagued with proximity sensor issues since June 23, poor reception (deathgrip), alarm clock bugs, random camera roll errors, and a new FaceTime bug introduced in 4.3 (other party has no video feed from me, and I don't see myself either). 

    I have called apple support several times and it never ceases to amaze me how the they act like I'm the only person who has had any problems with my phone. All they need to do is google search any find out I'm not the only one. 

    My wife and I have owned 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 devices. I have never had 1 for an entire year and each have had to be replaced for one reason or another. I'm ok with that. But the issues that have plagued me since June 23 are just ridiculous!! 

    Oh, and do I really need to mention how bad AT&T network is. Yeah it's freaking fast but what good does that do if you have no coverage to connect?Who cares about 4G speeds. What I need is reliability. I have more dropped calls than anyone I know. So many that I tell people to stay on Your 3GS. It's waaaaaaY more reliable. 

    Well thats about it. I am getting ready to go and get a 6th iPhone 4 replacement at apple this weekend. Proximty sensor problems still. Thanks apple!
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    My clock currently shows the correct time. My alarm has the correct alarm time. But the alarm is ringing one hour before it should. I am now awake 2 days in a row one hour before I need to be. How do I fix this? The clock says 4:45 (when the alarm rang) but the alarms (correctly) shows it should ring at 5:45. In fact, it rang at 4:45. I don't have to be up for another hour. I need sleep

    Is there a way to actually reach anybody at Apple? Are they working on this? Anybody know?

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    Same thing here. The displayed time updated automatically to DST Sunday morning. But the alarm I had set for Sunday (not a repeating alarm) simply did not go off.

    Then Monday morning, the repeating alarm I have set for weekdays went off an hour early (not cool when we're already springing forward and getting used to getting up an hour earlier). Half asleep, I deleted and reset the alarm, which then failed to go off as scheduled.

    Proposed fixes such as rebooting the phone or simply turning Airplane mode off then back on have not worked. Monday's excellent user-experience was repeated today.

    Apple, if you are going to put an alarm on a device, make it work reliably.
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    @Sean Rb

    I am also on Rogers, with a 3Gs and iOS 4.3. I have the same problem, the DST was not updated. I switched 3G off, and the time is now correct. Switching 3G back on, it reverts to back one hour.

    I'll be calling Rogers support.

    Oh, and @Allan Sampson, that's not helping anyone.

    Here's what they had me do:
    Disable Wifi
    Stop all applications in the task manager
    Go into Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings (phone resets)
    Go into Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> (24-Hour Time set to off) UNSET "Set Automatically"
    Leave it there for about 10 minutes, then turn it back on.

    I'm in the process of waiting that 10 minutes... I'll let you know if it works...

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    I just updated to 4.3

    tested a repeating alarm.

    It worked!
    (true test will be at 6:25 in the morning)
    will report back if it doesn't work.
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    Problem is still there...
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    I experienced problems as well with daylight savings. My iPhone 4 (At&t) did change the time correctly at 2am and stayed with the correct time but then the following day reverted back to one hour idea what happened to cause this. I tried rebooting and syncing to no avail. One would think the easy fix would be to simply manually set the time however this caused all the times on my emails to be incorrect and not just by a hour some were a hour behind some were a few, didn't make any sense. Anyways I googled it and came across an article about this problem and it said to toggle airplane mode and it would fix this problem.

    Success Toggling airplane mode fixed it and now I have the correct time with automatic setting on, hopefully it stays this time and doesn't change back tomorrow.
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    i think all of us know this dst alarm bug is for real,, i think what we need to do is figure out if firmware makes a diff.. i am running 4.1 on an iphone 4 and am experiencing the bug where recurring alarm will work, but it is 1 hr early.. single event alarms work no problem..
    but what about people who have 4.2.1 and or 4.3?? are these bugs still present?
    i read somewhere back in nov, that the bug would go away after a few days.. in fact it was an apple bulletin that said so,,id this true??
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    I had just posted I updated to 4.3.
    (I hadn't updated to 4.2 prior)

    I tested a repeating alarm and it worked fine. Alarm went off this AM with no problems.
    Not sure if it was the update or not.
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    yes,, but prior to 4.3 ,, did you have the same issues as described in this whole topic??
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    I did NOT have the time issue.
    the time advanced just fine and didn't go back.

    I only had the alarm issue.
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    the time on my phone is right since dst, but the alarms are going off 1-2 hours early. what a pain. have rebooted the phone several times, does nothing. really tired from getting up so early.grrrr
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    Mine iPhone 4 did the same as many others. The time changed fine, but the alarm kept going off an hour early. Tried the "fixes" and they worked at first. But then tonight, out of the blue, when I'm only getting a few hours of sleep anyway, the alarm goes off an hour early again. And keeps going off ! Come on Apple! "Dumb" phones nailed the whole clock technology thing over a decade ago. Why can't your amazing phone get it right? This is ridiculous. I used to love my iPhone, bit stupid stuff like this has me seriously considering a switch.
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    No daylight savings time issues to report as of March 27th 2011, Norway.
    Alarm woke me up 06.55 (6.55 am), just in time for me to enjoy this years first Formula 1 race in Melbourne, Australia :-))

    Date&Time settings:
    24-Hour Time (on)
    Set Automatically (on)

    iPhone 4
    Version: 4.3 (8F190)
    Model: MC605KN
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