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I have a Lexmark Interpret S405. I am using a MBP laptop with WiFi, running 10.5.8. I have a cabled (non-wifi) Linsys router. I am using an Airport Express.

I was finally able to get the WiFi light on the Lexmark to be static green after reinstalling the Lexmark WiFi setup and reconfiguring my Airport settings so that both the computer and printer see each other.

In fact, I even updated the driver from Lexmark's Web site last night and I watched the WiFi light on the printer blink green indicating that the installation of the driver update was being communicated to the printer.

However, when I print, it opens the print window and says first "Looking for S300-S400", then it says "Printer is now online". Then after about 10 seconds, I get this error: "There is a problem communicating with the printer. Make sure the printer is powered on and connected to the computer. Delete or hold the job and try again."

I've exhausted Lexmark's technical databases and couldn't find the answer here.

I've read that one possible solution was to delete all the printers from the "Print & Fax" system preferences window and re-add. That didn't work.

Lexmark says for: The printer communicating on a network; however, the printer is not responsive. Possible causes could be:

1. Your printer is associated with a network, router, or access point, but it is not your network.
2. A software process is blocked by a system security firewall preventing network communication.
3. You are logged into Virtual Private Network (VPN).
4. You are connected to a network but have decided to switch to a USB connection.

I don't have a VPN and have removed the USB cable, then restarted both printer and computer, and deleted printers in Sys Prefs, restarted, and still no solution.

I can print directly via USB cable, but want to print wirelessly.

Lexmark also says to enter my PIN (which I have pulled out from the print menu screen on the printer) in the System. That tells me a lot...

Network settings on the print window on the printer also tell me Signal strength is 5 (excellent) and that I am on the network my airport is on.

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