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Hi there,

wondering whether anyone has come across this issue yet.

Have an iPad, where I can connect to my exchange servers very easily, but cannot do it with Mail even though I am inputting exactly the same settings etc i.e server address etc. One question is, in the iPad there is an option for a domain whilst in the MBA there is not such option.

Any thoughts?

11 inch 64GB, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • ~BobS~ Level 1 (55 points)
    The mail connection to exchange requires a minimum of exchange server 2007. Are you able to access other net resources and not mail or is it a more basic network issue?

    iPad and iPhone mail functions with the older exchange 2003 server while mac mail will not.
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    thx, what about mac office 2011?
  • ~BobS~ Level 1 (55 points)
    office 2011 includes the new outlook for mac which also has a minimum server requirement of exchange 2007. office 2008 with entourage instead of outlook works fine. the alternative if you're waiting for an exchange 2003 server upgrade would be to run fusion or parallels with the windows office suite.
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    When entering your user name in the settings enter it as : Domain\User

    That worked for me. Make sure its backslash and not forward slash...
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    The iPad and iPhone handle exchange email differently than Apple Mail. Make sure that Basic Athentication is enabled on the exchange server.
  • MacRN Level 3 (640 points)
    I also believe that EWS has to be enabled on the Exchange server for mail or MS Outlook for Mac to work.
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    Also look to see if your company allows mobile connectivity (phones, etc). Mine does. At work, we run Exchange 2003, so I can't connect LAN connected Office 2011 stations direct connect to email via Exchange. BUT, I can run mine here at home with Office 2011 connected through our mobile connector like we would any true mobile device - usually a server alias that's setup for this type of connection. It's not quite as good as a direct Exchange connection, but still downloads and sync's my mail, calendar, contacts, etc.

    my 2 cents....