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    CLY4911 wrote:
    Example, Nano changed from 12 volts to 5 amps...

    That's a physical impossibility.
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    CLY4911 wrote:
    I am then assuming you both have enough capital to throw out products without thought to cost. I just bought the ipad for over 1K and three months later, ipad2 comes out. That is just one example, what do you do with your "old" apple products? Throw them out? I can understand if you have had the equipment for an acceptable amount of time but months?

    Re comment about Commodore, that's just a snarky remark and not helpful.

    OK. Then what should I do about my '48 Chevy?
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    Ziatron wrote:
    Is anyone as frustrated as i am regarding changes Apple makes to products without notification to users so better buying decisions can be made?

    I could not agree more! Only a few months after I purchased my 16K RAM Card for my Apple II+, they come out with the Apple IIe. With 64K of RAM built-in!!

    And they followed that with the 128K IIc!
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    CLY4911 wrote:
    ...fact based opinions...

    Do you want facts or do you want opinions? You seem to be getting upset at both.
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    But all kidding aside about Commodore 64s and Apple IIes... the reality is that the technology advances so fast that, I believe, no matter whether you are talking Apple computer hardware or any other electronics, if you are making a buying decision, you need to recognize that if you are making your buying decision based on the best information you have TODAY, and buy something, there IS a chance an updated model will be announced in short order, which will mean what you have just bought is no longer the latest and greatest.

    It has happened to me, I know. More than once. And, just ONCE, with my current MacBook Pro, the new i7 processor was announced less than a week after I bought a core 2 duo.... and we were able to exchange it so I could get the newest one. But other times, new models were announced within weeks.

    I agree with the logic and advice, and accepted long ago, that this is the way of technology and the speed of product development. Even if something better comes out later, a month after you just bought something, you still bought what you wanted when you bought it, and it was good enough then, and the announcement of something new doesn't change the value of the thing you chose, to you. Yes, the quicker the new product announcement comes out, the more it might annoy you, but you STILL just bought something good.
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    you paid $1000 where? the most expensive is $829 as for buying three months ago dumb on your part, you did no research. Apple had a well defined pattern ipad March-April, iphone June-July, ipod August-September next time your gonna spend money do your home work. start here as for the old stuff apple products retain their value well check ebay or gazelle
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    Do you think people would consider donating their old iPads to charity in return for a tax write off? I belong to a charitable non-profit group that would like to collect old iPads and donate them to schools that are in areas where students often do not have access to computers. It would work like old cars that are donated.
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    I gave up that kind of feeling a long time ago. This phenomenon exists everywhere, it just seems more accelerated when it comes to apple from all the exposure they receive.

    I gave up that feeling because I wanted to enjoy what I have NOW. I could care less of What Ifs and the like. I'm not made of money, but if I bought something, it's because of a careful decisions.

    I bought the original iPad the first few minutes of the preorder. I've been waiting for something like this for years, with laptops/netbooks not cutting the cheese. It fit in my ecosystem perfectly, and I've used it every single day since.

    The thing with Apple is that they have been mostly on a yearly renewal system. If you buy into Apple, you have resolve in buying early into the refresh cycle to maximize the use between refresh. I have only bought one mac mini late in the cycle due to necessity and sure enough, there was an update (unibody) that I missed. I would have liked the new form factor, but it did not in any way make the product any less capable than when I bought it. It's working away beautifully in my closet.

    My first foray into Apple was the iPod Video as a gift. From there I got the original Mac Pro with 30" cinema display. I've had the original iPhone, which eliminated the need for the iPod Video, and I upgraded to 3G, then 3GS. I bought the gumstick nano too... I didn't upgrade to iPhone 4 due to a break in at the house and contract timing, but I will get an iPhone 5. 2 mac minis, mac book, mac book pro... list goes on.

    I ordered the iPad 2 minutes after online ordering opened. I have no regrets and look forward to enjoying it just as much as I do the first.

    The very first iPod Video is still on my desk fully functional. What happens to all my previous gadgets is that they get handed down to my family. I've purchased an iPad 1 for my mom (albeit mid cycle) as a gift and she loves it. I'll probably offer the iPad 1 to one of the adults or leave it as a couch machine.

    So long story short, everything gets used well past its lifespan. I was planning to retire my original iphone but that and my 3G was stolen so that kind of *****.

    I do have to admit I tasted a bit of envy when a friend brought over an iPhone 4... that camera is really nice. But in the end, it really doesn't matter for me.

    There are many avenues you can take when a renewal cycle approaches. The amount of money some people recoup from eBay and Gazelle is obscene. I've heard of some people selling their old iPhones for MORE than they paid, due to the potential of the unlocked sim. Just know that if needed, you can use your old device as a down payment toward a new one.

    Just a thought.
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    Okay, I never said you thought you were entitled. I was making a statement about people in general. So, back to on topic:

    "Is anyone as frustrated as i am regarding changes Apple makes to products without notification to users so better buying decisions can be made?

    Well as I said in my post... Oh.. Wait, I would answer this but.....

    "If you are going to post, keep your answers directly related to the question, most of us or at least myself don't care about your personal feelings."

    Now wait, I'm slightly confused. You solicit replies on the question of frustration with Apple, which... If memory serves...

    1. To prevent from having feelings of accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; thwart.
    2. To cause feelings of discouragement or bafflement in.
    3. To make ineffectual or invalid; nullify.

    ...Doesn't that mean you are asking for, dare I say....personal feelings??? I thought you did not want.. Oh you silly CLY4911!

    "What do you do with an ipad you just bought and the ipad2 comes out?"

    Well, again as I said in my post you can sell the old one to recoup some of the loss on the...... Oh wait..

    "I don't appreciate your personal opinions on what I should do with my equipment."

    Darn it! You got me again CLY! I'm trying to keep my answers directly related to the questions but, with you contradicting yourself what are we to do?

    In all seriousness, I work very hard for all I have. Just because I have AAPL stock in my diverse portfolio doesn't mean that I have drunk the "Apple Kool Aid". I have other technology company stock as well. I even own other electronics that are not made by Apple. I just happen to enjoy purchasing the products sold by Apple. They are usually well built, usually are very reliable, and have customer service second to none. This of course is all a matter of personal preference and opinion.

    Nothing in my post was a personal attack on you, and a if you felt so then perhaps it's you with the messed up thought process.

    I'm sorry even posted. Perhaps instead of telling others to learn how to read, you instead reflect on the knowledge that your brand new Nano not working on your outdated Bose Sound dock; is not the end of the world. I would suggest selling the Sound Dock to offset the cost of a newer compatible Sound Dock II, but how dare I tell you what you should do with your toys. The sheer audacity of me doing that would be unfathomable!
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    I read last year that the iPad actually had, on the inside (in a teardown story), an area for a front facing camera- but there was no camera in iPad 1.
    Wanting that front facing camera, I waited until this past Friday to order my iPad, version 2- with the camera.
    I know that either late this year, or early next, they will probably come out with iPad 3, with a better resolution screen, perhaps a faster connector- and most likely even a faster chip and weigh even less.
    That's making an informed decision- read what's in the pipeline. There are a zillion tech sites and rumor sites you can choose from. I waited for the camera, and though the higher resolution screen would be nice, but it's not something I'll have to have- I plan on using my iPad for longer than a year!
    My iMac is the first (white) intel model, my MacBook is 3 years old, my phone is a 3GS. If you want the latest everything, you'll either always be disappointed or you'll be broke. Technology just moves way too fast- which is a good thing.
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    I will give it to the OP that it would be nice to have more of an idea of EOL and also about upcoming product updates. Yes, I realise that the latter might hurt sales if Apple start to communicate about those matters, but that ought to be balanced at least a bit by avoiding customers to go shop elsewhere.

    I cannot really complain myself, at least not about the Mac-side of the Apple universe; my previous Powerbook G4 lasted a bit over 6 years and required only a new hdd during that time. It was still running 10.4.11 when it died (10.5.x was too sluggish to my taste). I didn't really miss any of the apps that were incompatible with 10.4, so I would probably have hung on to it at least until the latest MBP release. But indeed, I cannot help but believe that in the MSWin universe most apps still support XP where support for 10.4 seems to be dwindling.

    I do regret I had to upgrade so shortly before that release, but such is life (it's also one reason I went with the entry-level 13" MBP).

    The original C64 remark is indeed over the top - I could reply that some people are still using them (or emulators) :P But seriously: does anyone remember how long the thing was made, how fast progress went at the time, and how long it remained in production even when more advanced computers were available?
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    You don't have to buy every new version. Besides, updating a device like the iPad or the iPhone once per year isn't too often I think. Sure, it would be nice for me as a consumer to be able to trade in my iPad 1 when I buy my iPad 2, but I don't see how that would be economical for the seller. This is what e-bay is for, selling your obsolete Apple hardware.
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    Trading in is clearly economical for car dealers or makers. If we assume that Apple makes a comparable margin (corrected for the shorter update cycle), I don't see why it couldn't be economical for them too. That's assuming of course that there isn't yet an overwhelming majority of customers who accept to update once a year without trade-in.

    OTOH, there must be some sort of trade-in feature. If not, where do the refurbished items come from?
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    RJV Bertin wrote:
    OTOH, there must be some sort of trade-in feature. If not, where do the refurbished items come from?

    14 day returns. Much more economical than older trade ins for Apple. The devices were opened but probably in very close to like new condition. It wouldn't take long to restore them to like new. Older devices subjected to more use would require more time and additional parts to return to like new condition.

    Apple will also take iPods back for 10% off the price of a new one. This is primarily an incentive to properly recycle. I suspect they don't make much off of them, though. The one that I traded in had been pretty well drowned in latte. I doubt there was much salvagable.
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    The original iPad and Nano (if not broken) will continue to do exactly what they were originally purchased to do. They only become obsolete in your mind, not in their function !!

    If the Bose dock connector doesn't work with newer equipment, then they're the ones you should contact.