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    I have bought Apple products since 1984. Lots of them. It used to be Apple would release a major product improvement every three or four years. Now it is every year. Sorry. I do think it is abusive to buy a $2000 laptop and an $1800 desktop and then have a new product model come out three months later. Apple should have a policy that users in this predicament can be producted by some sort of guarantee for three to six months. I would love to buy a mini ipad but forget it. I know sometime soon there will be retina display which is a big deal. I still work on a 2010 laptop because it is just a workhorse. Nothing fancy. But major changes in processor speed and graphics cards are a big deal in terms of productivity. I have been loyal to Apple when no one bought Apples... my PC friends would complain "you can't get any software." It is a different company now. Slick marketing but some of the gutsy stuff I loved about Apple is getting watered down. I appreciate the integration of devices into a coherent operating system... it is a big deal that no one has duplicated... but the constant splashy new releases with one or two features, instead of waiting to integrate them a little better in one release, has gotten tiresome.

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