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I awoke this morning to a purchase on my account for 19.99 from Hongbin Suo company for an app called 德州撲克 HD, 560,000 Chips. I recently had another unauthorized purchase from another company exactly one week to the day as this one. The first time itunes support suggested it was just something I accidentally did, but I would never buy a $20 app! Also the purchase was made around 4am CST which is when I'm asleep. As a result I've changed my password, cut all payment funds off from iTunes.
After doing some research it seems this problem has been happening to many people for several months and the support team hasn't taken action to permanently stop this. I am now researching alternatives to iTunes such as Amazon since iTunes has now shown not to be a consumer safe organization and isn't committed to correcting known security issues.

Asus, Windows 7