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  • mvgossman Level 1 (0 points)
    I have an iPad 2, 64GB, AT&T, white which has twice reset itself. Both times just set it down and happened to notice the whote apple reboot logo. Came back to life quickly which I attribute more to the speed of the processor than to it being a different kind of reboot.

    Since I am clearly not the only one noting this I am not going to rush to the Apple Store to get a replacement, will see if a software update fixes it soon and to make sure that there's not a grand recall about to happen if this is a hardware problem! I might return it in any case since I am seeing some light leakage around the edge of the screen especially with a dark screen such as with a Netflix movie.

    This is especially disconcerting because I use it in the airplane for charts.
  • mvgossman Level 1 (0 points)
    Replying to my own post, I spoke to national Apple tech support and this is a known issue, a hardware problem, I am to replace it at the Apple Store.

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    Im have this problem on my NEW White iPad 2 64GB 3G. Crashes out of Safari, Twitter, App Store, Videos, Camera, and a few other games. Also it has crashed to apple log a lot of times, over 10 times with only 2 days under its belt and the only way to get it to work has been to plug it into iTunes and rest by holding down home screen + lock button.

    I updated to 3.4.1 with no change to the situation.

    After lining up for 10+ hours on launch day at George St Sydney its no a good look, its embarrassing really. Iv shown my friends what I lined up for and then after a short play CRASH and i have to trouble shoot to fix, No A Good Look!

    I also have the problem of its a 3 hour drive back to the apple store, one of the reasons for lining up on day 1. I did purchase apple care because I was awaer of the light bleeding and was hopping to get a replacement model once apple have acknowledged the issue.
  • dghost Level 1 (10 points)
    I had this issue with a 64GB AT&T iPad2. Lots of application crashes and random reboots. Digging through crash logs a lot of them were segmentation faults and things like memory access errors.

    Long story made short, after several trips to the Apple store where they confirmed that applications like Springboard and MobileSafari were crashing and walking through the normal troubleshooting steps, they went ahead swapped it out.

    The new unit hasn't displayed any of the symptoms I was originally having, and works great.

    The hardest part of the ordeal was trying to convince the last Genius I worked with that faulty hardware can, indeed, cause symptoms like that despite their insistence that it had to be a software problem - most likely software I installed. How and why it was causing Springboard to crash is beyond me, but that's what they were saying. In any case, I'm glad they replaced it and everything is sorted out now.
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    I had the same error here, after some minutes after rebooting the device it crashed randomly, often rebooting again (which would fix it temporarily).

    The Norwegian retailer I bought it from have confirmed with Apple that this IS a memory access error and they are replacing my iPad. This makes sense because I did 4 restores on two different software versions, but it always came back (=hardware problem).
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    Same issue here....
    Ipad 2, 64G, 3G using T-Mobile Netherlands... reboots itself...
    Do I need to go to Oberhausen Apple Shop to have it replaced on the spot?
    No Apple Store in The Netherlands...

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    Picked up my Ipad2 last friday and organised contacts, stores over 300 James with email etc
    Suddenly contacts closed and after I gestarted all my contacts were gone
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    just came back from sleep noticed my contacts list wasn't up, when I accessed it my contacts were gone. Did notice that the process was still running so I killed it (just in case) but next restart of the app still showed no contacts.

    My iPad2 did not reboot/restart as far as I can tell, good thing I had sync'd this morning but can't restore till I get home tonight.

    The only thing new in the last few days was NavFree
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    I am having the same issue. Bought an iPad 2, surprised at the level of crashing. Imagined it to be a software issue. Now one month in its crashing, freezing and to the point that even a full refresh doesn't always solve it (plus it always comes back). This is especially troubling as I have also an iPad 1, iPhone 4, 2 Macbook Pro's and all the other devices have been super reliable. The iPad 1 in comparison has not crashed or needed resetting for a year even if its loaded with software.


    Huge disappointment Apple. I am traveling for some months so will try Apple warranty service in Hungary. We'll see what happens.

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    i just bought my ipad 2 three days ago. and when i woke up from leaving it to charge overnight, its TURNED OFF which was weird coz i did not turn it off. and i couldnt start it. now there's the silver apple logo with the swirling thing. it jus couldnt start. anyone can help?

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    I'm having the same problem.

    Ipad look with the circle and even if I press the button, the circle stays and it seems there is no hope to change is status.

    Connecting it with iTunes doesn't work...

    Anyone can help me?

    Thank you

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    I had the problem last week. And it crashed my iTunes when i connected it into my pc. I couldn't get it to turn on as there is the apple logo with the swirling thing. But i tried a couple of button combinations, and i could get it to turn off.

    When u see the apple logo and the swirling thing, try pressing and holding the home and power button together for a few seconds. It turned my iPad 2 off after a few seconds. And then u can turn it back on with no prob. Until then, i do not have any more prob, fortunately.

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    I have an ipad 2 and am having the same problems. crashes and freezes randomly.

    I sure hope they fix this soon. Have tried restoring, and rebooting multiple times, but it hasn't helped.

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    crash crash crash thats all i got to say. i have a 32 att 3g and it dumps 10 times a day! never had this experience with an apple product.

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    Thank you, thank you!  I thought it was dead forever!