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I'm an undergraduate student in a BIS Degree. I'm interested in programming for the iPhone and the iPad. I've been reading a book on C# and I've been considering MonoTouch.

But would I be better off using Xcode and learning Objective C. I've studied ANSI C some years ago (as well as Java and VB.NET as all as ASP.NET). I currently have an iPhone 4 but I probably wouldn't be able to buy an iPhone 5 for some time after it becomes available.


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    I think the only downside to Monotouch would be a smaller community of users. That might not be a downside either. You might get less misinformation that way.

    Still, if your only C# experience has been reading a book, Objective-C might be a better approach. If you had a lot of C# experience and had confidence you could quickly write apps that way, it might make sense to leverage that experience. If you are starting from scratch (more or less) in either language, I would recommend Objective C.