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I am working with numbers version 1.3.1 on an iPad 2.

I am looking for help with checkboxes, and how to enter a formula for them. I have checkboxes on the left in a column and then a description of a product in the next column then a price in the next column. What I am wanting is when the checkbox is checked for that value to be entered into another cell on a separate sheet. My customers will have lots of choices so this formula will need to be performed on many of my sheets to one final sheet. Hope someone can help

IPad 2, iOS 4
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    basically your just looking to populate another cell with a value next a check box, only if that check box is checked?

    This can be done with the IF statement. You would have a list that is the exact length as your orignal list, but it would only show data where they checked boxes.

    I made a default spreadsheet with two sheets and one table each. In the 1 sheet, cell A2 is my check box and a value is in B2. In b2 of my other sheets table I put in this formula:

    IF(Sheet 1::Table 1::A2,Sheet 1::Table 1::B2,"Not Checked")

    You would just replace the "Not checked" with an empty string "" for your purposes.