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Hello Apple-Community ! [new here] [ PLEASE READ IT ! ]

iPod Information:
iPod Touch
4.2.1 iOS

PC/Software Information:
iTunes 10.2.1 - newest version !
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

iPod < USB > PC
Result ? no reaction from both devices !
I reinstalled EVERYTHING from APPLE on my PC and installed again - same problem
I restored my iPod Touch 2G - same problem
I installed a USB-Manager which shows which devices are connected - iPod isnt in the list.

On a Apple Mac it functioning perfect without any problems !
On a PC it is almost everytime no reaction from both sides ! I tried on different PCs and its from the most PCs the same problem. I gave my iPod onetime to my friend and he had to connect the iPod more than 30-times that the iPod connects to the PC !
On my PC i tried so much and i am freaking out onetime. Its so frustrated !

Links like these from Apple are not the solution because i followed them and I had the same problem.
By the way: Apple Support should be for EVERYONE and shouldnt depend on the S/N from the Device !

Back to the topic ..

I had onetime a older PC which was running with Windows XP SP3.
iPod was able to connect with the PC.. but on my new PC it wont connect !

It makes me mad this problem !

Please help .. I am not the only one who need the solution for that.
HELP . I would be very thankful if someone knows how to fix this problem.

PC, Windows 7, Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula || CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE || DDR: Kingston HyperX 8GB || Graphic: ATI RADEON X1950 XT