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hi all, garageband for ipad is great, but does anyone knows how to change the default chords in smart instruments? like if i want it to be A Maj 7 or G13 on the smart guitar, pls help, thx

ipad 1, iOS 4
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    If you go into your Song Settings and change the key, the chords change as well. May not be exactly what you are looking for, but at least it presents more options.
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    Where is chord D7? This chord is one of the major chords in a learning music book that I purchased with simple guitar chords. Yet it is not one of the default chords for any of the keys. Surely, there must be a reason.
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    thx for the info on ong setting, but ur right, that's not what i am looking for, jtcnet is right, chords like D7 is quite basic and don't know a way to get that chord on the smart instrument. Some 3rd party app developer have this feature on their 'virtual guitar'. Maybe garageband have that feature also.... ???
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    I think this capability exists in some form - but I haven't been successful in repeating how to do it. If you have a Smart Guitar selected.. Chose one of the Autoplay selections. Now - instead of tapping with one finger on one of the notes... tap with three. You'll hear a minor 7th (i think). 2 Finger tap gets Maj 7th. Dunno -- it is fickle, and hard to get the timing just right on the guitar.

    On the smart keyboard, it seems a little easier to mix from the default chords. With an Autoplay selection going, you have three bars for each chord. The Top bar always plays what the chord is. With that playing, you can select the middle key from another chord, or the bottom key from another chord to mix up the defaults.

    I haven't searched for the definitive documentation on how these all relate, but know there is some functionality buried in the Smaty Instruments, just begging to be documented (a little better)..
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    it works jdoolit but still the main question remains.. if somehow we can replace that G to Gmaj7 or G13.. advanced chords it would be great as u said it, if there are better documentation, let's keep experimenting lol
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    What is strange - in my Mel Bay beginning guitar book - it lists the major chords for keys:
    Key of D: D, G, A7
    Key of E Minor: Em, Am, B7
    Key of A: A, D, E7
    Key of C: C, F, G7
    Yet GarageBand does not implement any of these A7,B7,E7, G7 chords. The person who designed the chords - must have had a reason for doing this. But I cannot figure out why. They must have figured something out - one would think.

    I wonder if something was mis-labeled. What I noticed was that the center chord - in each of these keys is labeled, without the 7, but the first letter agrees. So, I wonder if the 7 just came out deleted? If someone had a good ear for the chords, they might be able to verify this errata? Or am I just being too detailed.
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    jtcnet, all chords in any key can be extended to seventh chords. For instance in the key of A, the A chord would be Amaj7, the D chord would be extended to Dmaj7 and the E chord would be extended to a dominant 7, hence it's spelling E7.
    The added 7th's are not necessary to be in key.

    Apple does add one out of key chord in their choice of chords, the flat seventh chord. The diminished chord of the same name is the actual one in key, though it is not used as often in most rock and pop songs. The flat seventh is used a lot to give the progression a harder rock sound.
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    In theory, the fifth chord is the dominant 7 chords. Some examples:
    C---F---G7 (key of C)
    G---C---D7 (key of G)
    D---G---A7 (key of D)

    Apple decided not to use advanced chords obviously, which is cool for basic strumming (and for the first version, let's not forget that). But if you want to spice up your songs, you may want different chord voicings or even chords that are not part of this key. Lots of Beatles tunes have great modulations, you wouldn't be able to play them in Garageband.
    So I think, user defined chords like in the free app "Classical" would be a really useful update. Also, in "notes" mode, there should be a possibility to move up the neck. I forwarded this feedback to Apple, so let's hope we'll find things like that in the next update!
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    No way to do it. Please let Apple know that WE want that capability.
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    Hey everyone, this had me stumped too but it's really simple to add ANY chord you want (this theory was only tested using smart guitar). Go to the settings window within the instrument and scroll all the way to the bottom...


    Now you should see the edit chord tab-in this tab you can add ANY chord or chord on bass combination to the instrument. Pretty cool when you know how.


    Hope this helps guys.

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    Thanks. It really does work.  Still. . .for those of us who use more than 6 or 7 chords in a song, it's somewhat limiting.  Yet, it's a very interesting way to write and edit a song.

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    Yes  you can change the cords! 

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    So it can be done on an iPad with smart guitar, but what about GarageBand on a Mac? Editing the actual loops?