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I have a PowerMac G4 digital audio and want to install Mac OS 9.1 on it. That particular machine requires a version of 9.1 with ROM 6.7.1, different than the standard 9.1 installation disk.

Anyone have a lead as to where I could obtain the correct disk (or, download that particular ROM)?

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    As the Digital Audio shipped after 9.1 retail did, you'd need the grey machine-specific disc for the DA to install 9.1 (they updated it to be compatible with the DA). You'd be better off finding a retail disc of 9.2.x and using that instead as that is newer than your Mac so the standard retail version will be compatible without needing anything machine-specific - the latest update to OS9 is 9.2.2 which you can update to using the free updaters from any installed 9.x version.
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    I have 9.2.2 on it right now. Problem is, I have a gaggle of old Macs going back to a PowerBook 180 running system 7.1 that I would like to be able to share files with this machine. It all works with 9.1, but not with 9.2.2 as I have learned from past experience.

    It's just a hobby, of course. So, maybe I'll find an actual DA installation disk on eBay someday.

    Thanks for the response.
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    Suggest you join LEM-Swap for buying & selling Mac stuff. http://groups.google.com/group/lemswap
    After you join, post a WTB (want to buy).

     Cheers, Tom

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    I just joined. You don't give up a first name, but I bet we have communicated before, maybe on Vintage Mac Consultants?
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    Did you ever find a copy of this OS?


    In a similar boat here, the only way I can get all of the software/drivers that I need to work is to run OS 9.1 - so I am trying to replace my 2x1Ghz G4 running 9.2.2 with a 733MHz G4 DA... bought one off of eBay because the guy said he would include the 9.1 disc (even though it was running 10.4),  well, after I paid he wrote and said he couldnt find the disk.  I called Apple and they said that I could get a replacement disc from them (for $12?) so I told the guy I would take it anyhow (and he said he found the disc)  ... well, got the computer and the included disc was for an iMac, no big deal, called Apple - and this time the person says that they no longer carry that OS - and there's nothing he can do (this was like 5 days later so I can see how things would change).   So now I have a whole lot of crap that I can't use - and really no where to turn ... I have been looking for this disc for months now.

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    Have you checked with a nearby Apple User Group? Most large cities and universities have one -

    Apple - User Groups